Monday, March 12, 2012

When You See It

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  1. Didn’t take long.

  2. boring and douchey

  3. I thought it was the rubber ducky til I scrolled down.

  4. I totally thought it was the rubber ducky at first as well.

  5. rubber ducky? really? you managed to spy a blurry toy in the shadows, yet you missed the huge cock-like reflection right on the dude’s junk?
    How delightfully innocent of you delicate little blossoms.

    I thought it was that godawful tattoo.

  6. Cool unfinished tattoo “Bro” I bet it’s been like that for 3 years and he makes up a new story every time someone asks why it looks so shitty. After this he probably played catch with his other “bros” around the pool to impress girls who don’t give a shit if they can catch a ball or not. Than drank Yeager Bombs while watching Family Guy and trying to re-enact all the funny parts.

  7. *Jäger bombs

    Hopefully that didn’t detract from the rest of your story which I wholeheartedly agree with. Also, I think his name is Brant, or something equally douchish.

  8. Looks like his name is Calt, and I doubt there were any ladies present.

  9. Nice one @ onetime69.

  10. beatus, I see that as Cait, and it’s either his Mom or his sister.

  11. Yup, his grandma was chuckling

  12. Blackberry screens suck.


    id rather play drums all day than read this shit

  14. Q)> What do you call someone who hangs around with a bunch of musicians?
    A)> The drummer.

  15. [badooom *tish*]

  16. Bahahaha! I fucking told you he was drummer!
    This pleases me immensely.

  17. Fuck you, bold. Y u no stop?

  18. Someone, send help. I broke it.

    See what happens when I try to use script?

  19. haha. n00b!

  20. fucking hell. i think you’ve fucked up the whole page. good one, mate.

  21. Nice shadow.

    Bacchante, when this happens on some other sites they’ll bother enough to fix it, but not here. From you on, this thread is forever bold. I don’t mind, though, as it takes me back to a more fun and less hostile time on Lamebook. A time when curlybap used to do this to every other thread. Try as she might, she just couldn’t do it, bless her little Irish heart.

  22. Damn, I wish I’d come back earlier.

    It’s not that I didn’t notice the great cock of shadow straight away… I just hadn’t got to that part yet, hence needing to scroll down and then ‘Oh my GOD that should be marked not safe for- oh wait.’

  23. /hangs head

    Sorry guys… kind of… I am giggling as I type this.

  24. He looks like he (secretly) knows his way around a cock…

  25. Fuck me what a massive fucking bell end…

    Oh and a mushroom shadow too.

  26. Can’t we fix it? Hmm.

  27. Shall we throw in italics for good measure as well?

  28. Haha I like it, it wasn’t me. Ahh the good old days eh wordy my friend?! And on a cock shadow post too, now I’m happy.

  29. Did I fix it?

  30. Damn. I guess not.

  31. We could really have some fun with this.

  32. this definitely takes me back to the old days! good to see you again word…longtime fan 🙂
    funny picture AND good comments? aaaahhh, this is what we’ve been missing.

  33. Just had to know…

  34. I wonder if I can really screw it up?

  35. Hmm…

  36. Maybe. Maybe not.

  37. … I think they’ve stolen our super HTML powers.

  38. Thank you, bluhevs, you made this 10 times better with your italics! This makes me happy too, wordpervert and curlybap.

    I figured out why my end tag failed – I put the slash in the wrong spot.
    Frickin’ noobs, hey?

  39. ^ N00b.

    It’s all good, though.

  40. Thanks, beatus. I knew that I could count on you to understand.

  41. Wait, does THIS do anything?

  42. Okay, no. Never mind. It’s broken.

  43. sweet

  44. Hey, curlygirly, nice to see you!

    Aww, thanks, bubbles. Nice to see you again, too.

    Bac is far from a noob. She just has to be more careful where she slashes.

  45. I have nothing productive, useful, funny, or lame to say here. Feel free to flog me in an effort to oust your italic frustration!

  46. Did you get a job yet, ya bum?

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