Friday, January 28, 2011

Who’s on Top?

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  1. it took me 8 tries to get my licence… aloooooot of woman jokes there..

    steeeeeeeeeeeeeever is taking it easy today:)

  2. Is Ali a man then? So it’s not Al-ee but Ah-lee, like the boxer? Got it. Well spelling it backwards seems to have added a few letters. I actually saw the special on the siamese girls, and I’m wondering if it’s so damned easy to get your licenses why two of my college roommates STILL don’t have them? Why??? WHY WHY?? I just don’t understand.

  3. Blondie, based on the number of complete morons I know who have managed to pass that test, I’m gonna go with your roommates just being lazy?

  4. Comments, you’re probably right. I’m honestly stunned, that their parents drive them back and forth from home and school every weekend, sometimes multiple times in a weekend. I just don’t get it.
    Matty, shameless as always. What, not even going to bother with a one word comment? Just straight for the link?

  5. Sanwhat? Sanwhere?

  6. @bimbo…I agree with your whole comment. Yeah, matty, wtf? You’re just being lazy now.

  7. OMG. This is funny stuff!!

  8. Seeing a two-headed person get a license might have made me think the opposite–it’s so hard to get a license, you need two brains to do it. (If I didn’t already know better.)

    Ladies in gentlemen, allow me to present, keshafan: another OBVIOUS lamebook employee. Or she’s just trying to promote her dumb blog. Either way, go away. Kesha’s a spaz, anyway.

  9. Gotta agree with you on that one lametothemin. Which is why I have not clicked on the link in her(?) name. And I think that her is generous. Like when I refer to Ke$ha as a her, I’m not actually sure, it’s just what’s more commonly used when referring to Ke$ha.

  10. Blondie, wait… their parents still cart them around? I change my assumption – spoiled?

  11. That’s not a such bad arrangement Abigail and Brittany have got there. They can take turns on a night out. One half can drink, and the other half can drive home. Yep, definitely one advantage in their freakdom. But I’m sure there are others…

  12. Ah, I forgot that the ‘battle of the sexes’ was still funny, and not shit and boring like I had previously assumed.

  13. Oh yeah , and they’re at least an hour away. EVERY WEEKEND. Back and forth multiples in one weekend sometimes. My parents would be like “Fuck that, get your lazy ass up and get your damned license.” They don’t even have permits. I wouldn’t like being carted around by my parents at this age.

  14. Wordpervert, but what about later that night when they’re with some guy in bed?

    “HEY, its MY TURN to moan!”

  15. boomer, so many scenarios in their life would be weird to figure. It boggles the mind. Well my mind, anyway.

  16. Hmm… built-in blindspot-checker. Pret-ty cool.

  17. Yay, easiest threesome ever. But what if one twin wanted a portion but the other didn’t? “RAPE!” – “No it’s not!” Who has control of the clunge? Will both of them get an orgasm? Am I going to hell?

  18. Well fuck me, it’s that hilarious sandwich joke again.

  19. yeah, i don’t get the sandwich thing. i would never trust a woman to make my manchego, quince and toasted walnut on artisan wholemeal.

  20. Ahhh matty.

  21. Atrocious, but mediocre as well somehow

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Hahahaha “Ladies in gentlemen” #9

    You just conjured the most awesome (strap-on involving) image in my mind.

  23. LMAO at 12 and 18 😀

    I kind of feel sorry for them, they’re dating pool will be limited and it’s not their fault.

  24. Yeah, Dukey, I was just about to comment on that. On re-read of my last comment (#9), I learned that I’m something of a tard. That was, of course, supposed to be “Ladies AND gentlemen,” but hey, if you like shemales, “ladies in gentlemen” works just as well.

  25. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    It’s fucking awesome.

  26. saffer- don’t feel bad, just try to think about it from an evolutionary perspective….there is a reason it would be hard for those girls to find someone to mate it.

  27. *with

  28. ooo I (sorta) met Abigail & Brittany at Spin nightclub in Minneapolis once. They had a huge group of friends with them that put the kibosh on starers/photographers/hecklers.

  29. How many boobs do they have?

  30. *their dating pool

    rawnuh good point. I understand from an evolutionary perspective but speaking as a young woman, I think that would be tough.

  31. *crickets chirping*

  32. Heh… the Hensel twins’ dating pool is definitely not limited by their physical condition.

    And they will kick you ass if you call them “two headed”.

  33. One of the Hensel twins is engaged.. Wonder how that’ll work…

  34. 2 Heads, 1 Vag. It’s a niche market, but I still think these chicks could make a lot of money doing fetish porn.

  35. that wouldn’t make good money in the fetish porn bizz.
    now 2 heads, 1 vag, a reusable shopping bag, a 12-week-old chihuahua puppy, a shake weight, and a jar of preserves= lots of money

  36. Why do teenage guys think it’s cool to be sexist? Then again, teenage girls tend to think it’s cool too (unless it’s directed at them). Let me start over: the whole “Battle of the Sexes” thing is really old, and anyone who engages in one has the maturity of an 11 year old.

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