Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who’s Wacko?

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  1. She can’t afford that piece of her mind.

  2. Stupid whore. Too bad I fucked her anus.

  3. Back in the day (somewhere between 1975 and 1982), when my dad had his radio morning show, he did a bit where he called some random woman and told her that her son was a homosapien. She was in shock and started crying. It was hilarious!

  4. Fake! There have been at least three different versions of the teacher-homosapiens-idiot-parent/grandparent the last two days, there is no way its real..

  5. She may be hetero, but she definitely isn’t sapiens. Sapiens means ‘thinking.’

  6. People are stupid but there’s no way they’re that stupid! Fake…

  7. Fake. This joke is older than the internetsss

  8. I’m homo erectus, unless I run out of Viagra.

  9. Hot.

  10. Someone dumb enough to believe that wouldn’t have grammar that good.

  11. Penis McGuillicutty


  12. While I’m certain this is fake, I’m also certain that people really are this stupid and/or ignorant. I work with a guy who actually said to me, “Humans aren’t apes, we’re Homo sapiens.” I tried to explain to him that “Homo sapiens sapiens” is the name of our species, but that we are, indeed, apes.

    He didn’t get it.

  13. If homosapiens were in fact homosaepens, is that why they are extinct?

    Joey, homosapiens are people.

    I’m not judging.

    The joke was ruined when she said “homosexual” at the end.

  14. Ha! Good spot MsBuzz.

  15. I seriously would have paid money to watch this lady give that teacher a piece of her mind. Lol.

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