Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wild Night

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  1. Dear Christina,

    Mind your own fucking business.

    -The world.

  2. Dear idiots who write these “Dear so-and-so” statuses,

    You’re fucking annoying and intelligent people hate you.

  3. ^ hopes that was sarcastic and that the irony of what you wrote is not lost on you Dan. And beatus … yes.

  4. I referred specifically to those people who post these sorts of things as their facebook statuses.
    A lamebook comment is not a status, so my post is exempt.

  5. Dear Christina,

    If someone is standing IN FRONT of you in the self check out line, then it is YOU who is standing too close, you creepy space invading cunt.

  6. Hasn’t anyone else noticed, everyone keeps getting C(h)ristina’s name wrong?

  7. ^ Not true. It was Christina who spelled her name incorrectly.

  8. A vampire walks into a bar and orders a large mug of hot water from the barman. The barman says “water? I thought you guys drank blood”. “Of course we do” says the vampire “I brought tea bags” and pulls out a couple of used tampons.

  9. Tampon is her dog.

  10. Wait, Hugh, the vampire wasn’t invited.

  11. Nor were the used tampons.

  12. Please inform us, cristina, as you’re obviously a reknowned expert in this field: What exactly should a menstruating woman be purchasing? And quick! I need a list of do’s and don’t’s before next week!

  13. 62 other people liked this cunt’s horseshit..

  14. and Cristina couldn’t show any fucking self control over her obsessive reading of other peoples phones?

  15. slicingupeyeballs

    Wait, do sheilas jam up their fetid leaking boxes with watermelons now…?

  16. is that what they call it in your family?
    that explains so much.

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