Wednesday, May 1, 2013


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  1. Damn you twitter for unleashing the hashtag craze upon us!

  2. beatusmongous

    #I #don’t #have #a #Twitter #account, #so #what #the #hell #do #hashtags #even #do? #Can #anyone #tell #me?

  3. tellingitreal

    ^^#nothing #useful.

  4. #Fake.

  5. I was too ashamed to admit that i didn’t know what the hell those goddamned hashtags meant. Thanks, beatus, for helping me come out the closet.

  6. #fuck #me

  7. Nope, didn’t work. I’ll check back later.

  8. Carib, I suggest you get the fuck back in the closet and gargle on Beatus’ ballsack and semen. #SWAG #YOLO

  9. ^ you’re welcome to join us, Elsior. beatus has made it abundantly clear previously that there was more than enough to go around.

  10. Too bad, I’m currently drowning your mum in man-mustard while she wolfs down my 12 inch hotdog and meatballs.

  11. You lying cunt, I just got off the phone with her and she said your little limp dick ass was so lame that she just shit on your face and in your mouth and sent you on your way. That what you get for trying to fuck real live women. Go back to fucking corpses, asswipe.

  12. beatusmongous

    Dammit, Carib, that grass will never grow if he keeps exhuming my mom.

  13. beatus, i would suggest you kidnap that rapist who was in the Baytown, Texas area preying on men back in 2006 and stick him in your mom’s coffin so that the next time Elsior attempts to exhume her he’ll have a nice little surprise waiting for him.

  14. beatusmongous

    ^ I think he’d enjoy that. Instead, I should probably kidnap Paul Rubens.

  15. Comment waiting moderation?
    Was is the f#ck or the @dmin?

  16. Well second try:
    What the f#ck is going on in lamebook-land lately? Where’s @dmin during all this?

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