Thursday, September 16, 2010

Win & Grin

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  1. hahahaha

  2. lol

  3. If I spot a man’s zipper down, I sure as hell am going to look! I want to see weather or not he’s got potential. You just can’t ignore these types of things!

  4. eenerbl – whether*

  5. I love it when you notice a guy’s fly unzipped – especially at work or at parties. You have the power to tell him or not. If I don’t really like the guy, I’ll time telling him at the moment it’ll cause him most embarrassment.

    It’s the same when you see a girl leaving a public bathroom with toilet paper stuck to her shoe. Do I say something or not? Usually not.

    I’m a mean bitch out for cheap laughs.

  6. I’m a right brained processor. 🙂

  7. Lamebook, god damn you and these stupid new video adverts with sound. I keep seeing them on shitty websites, and suddenly now YOU’VE introduced them? WHY? 😐 I’m just sitting here quietly, new stupidly expensive headphones in my ears, minding my own business when suddenly BANG, another shitty roleplaying site is destroying my fucking eardrums.

  8. Hobo, your fly’s undone.

  9. the meriem/medeyum post reminds me of the famous andy goram chant.
    i’d also like to think that medeyum is actually meriem’s equally idiotically named alter ego.

  10. Mike’s not funny.

  11. alord, the alter ego thing occurred to me too and then I thought OMYGOD if two-face was on facebook would he be like that? I’d like to think so.

    it’s q bit random, yes, but then again I’m a shameless DC fangirl. 🙂

  12. I’ve got Hakuna Ma-TaTas 😀

  13. Charlotte Sometimes

    oh my god. Timon and Pumbaa tattoo? Really?

  14. Tominic?

  15. @wordyperv

    We still love ya anyway.


    Nice Two-Face reference – always been a Batman guy myself; he doesn’t have “superpowers” which I think is cooler.


    It’s your bosom-y phiiilosophy… Hakuna Ma-Ta-Tas.

  16. Fuck, I have the same tattoo but it’s on the end of my knob so you can see it when my fly is down… which is actually a lot according to the cops.

  17. I don’t understand the Hellen Keller joke.

  18. mass, if you were unzipped I wouldn’t tell you. I’d want it that way.

  19. @mass

    Hakuna Ma-cock-a?

  20. Yeah Comments, Batman sure is something special. 🙂

  21. Ah Leon – the cage is open, but the beast is asleep.

  22. I like the sound of that, Comments.

  23. I want you any way word..

    @Comments… funny.

  24. O_O

  25. last time i check there was an entire book devoted to Microwave Cooking for One (

    though i can’t help but wonder if Aurianna couldn’t produce a less pity-inducing version.

    either way, bravo.

  26. Medeyum?

    Is this all retard name entry day?

  27. Marvel > DC

  28. Nuh uh nuff! DC > Marvel any day.

  29. Bleh… a long time ago, I had a friend post a quote from Helen Keller about how the best things in life can’t be seen or heard. I responded to her post with “how would she know?” Then in a fit of self-promotion, I submitted it to Lamebook. As far as I know, they never published it.

  30. KyleM they did post yours. It was a few weeks ago. As soon as I read this one I remembered reading yours.

  31. BritishHobo, get adblock. I don’t hear or see any ads with it.

  32. Shannon made me laugh. also @ Kyle, I remember it too, I can’t say for sure that it was you, but I do remember the post.

  33. It was all average stuff after the bi-polar comment. Gold like that should have closed the entry instead of opening.

  34. @vabadus
    Helen Keller was a very famous person to fight for people who, like her, were deaf and blind. She is pretty famous and I’m surprised that you haven’t heard of her.

  35. Word, why aren’t you using adblock plus (add-on for firefox).
    Bi-polar doesn’t work that way. You get bouts of depression and then bouts of high energy type A personality, as if you were PMSing on amphetamines.
    I am confused as to how Jenn didn’t have time to think over her tattoo. My tattoo artist is generally booked about 3 months in advance, you have time to back out (at the cost of $50) if you change your mind.

  36. These were all pretty funny but….Medeyum? Really? I wonder if it was one of those things where his/her mother couldn’t decide what to name him/her so she just looked around the room and noticed a clothing tag that said “medium” and thought “Hey, that would be a great name, but I should spell it all weird-like so people think I made it up myself.”

  37. I doubt it though. She’s probably just dumb.

  38. Jenn has made me fully erect for the first time in six minutes, thinking about her cartoon arse.

    If i ever get a chance to fuck her Circle of Life, i’ll tattoo my own shitter in celebration.

    I’d have Wile-E Coyote anal fisting that fucking annoying Roadrunner on one cheek and the Little Mermaid caught in a Tuna net on the other.

  39. Also why would you get a tattoo on your ass, where comparatively few people will see it (unless Jenn wears thongs and no pants everywhere she goes)?

  40. Hakuna ma-tatas. Wouldn’t that mean ” no titties?”

  41. Chrissy is an idiot. Obviously the quote is supposed to be interpreted metaphorically.

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