Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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  1. Meow.

  2. too soon jessica too soon

  3. How does he build skyscrapers out of planes?
    I cant wrap my head around it

  4. seriously?

    he caused the 9/11 attacks. Therefore if you put his life on rewind & watched it, instead of planes DESTROYING the towers in New York they would be CREATING them.

    you’re dumber than 90% of the people featured under the “Tuesday TypOHS!”

  5. I am just seeing a plane reversing out of a building that was built from a pile of rubble.
    Or maybe its just me?

  6. Carlos made me giggle, the rest belong on that similar website.

  7. The first one was stupid and not even close to funny.

    Wynter is a retarded name.

  8. birdsandthebees

    Hey “HellaBex” do you think if she inserted “Hella” in front of her name (Wynter), it would be “less retarded? .. dot, dot, fucking dot.

  9. Terrible, except the last one was a little funny

  10. hey joe, with the vibro, at least he won’t be extended an invitation to the herpfest!

  11. thickasawhaleommlette

    The eating/smoking/pooing etc. Thing for 2 is a load of bollocks. The extra nutrition needed for a growing foetus is very small on top of what you’d normally eat which is why many preggo chicks pile on the pounds. This effect is a shame as it negates the increase in fun bag sizeage. Boobies, milky milky big boobies!!!!

  12. #11, everyone already knows that. Shut your stupid mouth, whore.

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