Friday, September 16, 2011

Wins Before the Weekend!

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  1. Umm David, you’re thinking of carbon MONoxide not DIoxide..

  2. I mean Pete. Woops.

  3. Pete must be wearing a bluetooth headset.

  4. Wow, Pete. There’s really nothing worse than attempting to call someone stupid only to expose yourself as a moron.

  5. that’s monoxide not dioxide

  6. Yeah, that’s monoxide, not dioxide. But surprisingly enough, dioxide can kill you too. It happened at a McDonald’s here this week:

  7. actually it’s both, so don’t be so quick to jump on him. The exhaust of an idling car is about 15% carbon dioxide. The complete combustion of hydrocarbons (gasoline or diesel) yields only water and CO2 (carbon dioxide). Since it’s never perfect, though, there is always some CO (carbon monoxide), which is indeed a lot more poisonous than CO2. Much is scrubbed in the catalytic converter but not 100% of it.

    So even if your super-high-tech car somehow emitted no CO, running it in a closed garage would still kill you by 1) using up all the oxygen (to burn the gasoline) and 2) converting it to CO2 which would smother you.


  8. I’m not agreeing with Bachmann by any means, but that logic doesn’t actually make sense, DrCharles. Of course you would die in a room without oxygen; if the room were filled with water, it doesn’t make water a dangerous chemical because you die. You die because there is no oxygen, not because water is poisonous to you. We breathe in carbon dioxide all the time, it is a component of the air which we breathe in. Carbon monoxide, on the other hand, actually kills you even with oxygen present because carbon monoxide bonds to the hemoglobin in your blood before oxygen does; thus, you suffocate even in the presence of oxygen.

    That all being said, what Bachmann meant had nothing to do with carbon dioxide being poisonous to humans in the way CO is.


  9. While everyone else debates the CO/CO2 issue, I feel the need to point out that the t-rex bit would be a paleontological fact and nothing to with things archaeological.

  10. Yeah, nice try, Doc.

  11. As someone going to school for archaeology, I want to personally b**** slap that moron. Palaeontology ≠ archaeology. This should be taken out of win and put into a fail.

  12. This entire post should have been named “Fails Before the Weekend.” There was no win here.

  13. And watch out for the dihydrogen monoxide. That shit will fuck you up. If it doesn’t ruin your lungs, the unoriginality will shut down your brain.

  14. The T-Rex might have been the ones to invent masturbation machines since they couldn’t use their hands.

  15. Being another angry archaeology student, I was going to point out the inaccuracy of the T-Rex comment (an otherwise hilarious post). It’s already been done, so I won’t bother. Only I did, because 1) I’m a douche and 2)I’m getting fed up of being asked about crystal skulls/dino bones.

  16. I don’t care about the science. Let’s see if we can trick Bachmann into doing this.

  17. T-Rex’s don’t need to masturbate… when you are a T-Rex you can fuck any Brachiosaurus or Tri-ceratops you want! It’s kinda like being STEEEEEVERRRRRR in 2011.

  18. Steve, you are a fag. Deal with it, and your “career” position at the drive-thru window, you waste of fucking oxygen.

  19. Cool story, bro; why you so mad? you jelly?

  20. Bachmann is stupid as all hell.

  21. Yeah, she’s definitely a moron, but I was thinking the same thing as Woosh. He/she probably just articulated it a little better than I would’ve.

  22. When will Pete ever learn…

    Phase 5 is “Profit!”

  23. Way to steal the T-Rex joke from Joe Rogan.

  24. Yeah, because Joe Rogan was the first one to tell that joke. It’s certainly not been around since the 1970s at least. Idiot children.

  25. Bachmann is scum.

  26. Your car emits carbon MONOXIDE, not DIOXIDE. Both Bachmann and Pete are dumbasses.

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