Friday, December 9, 2011

Wins before the Weekend

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  1. F-f-f-first!

  2. i do not get number three, can someone explain?

  3. Combat: An escalator is a staircase. An elevator is an elevator.

  4. Codename Dutchess

    Wow, April too soon? Although the funny thing (not ‘haha’ funny) was that not doing drugs/drinking was the thing that did her in.

    Moral of story: no one likes a quitter.

  5. I looked up tl;dr…msanthrope, “Too long; didn’t read” Said whenever a nerd makes a post that is too long to bother reading.

    Ironic. You spout so much shit every single day, if we met, you’d want anal. I just don’t know if i’d want to ram your mouth to stop the shit coming out, or stuff it up your tail pipe to shut you the fuck up, I JUST DON’T KNOW where less shit would come out of

  6. Ms. Anne Thrope is a dude, in case anyone hasn’t figured it out… “Misanthropy” is the hatred of people.

  7. Nathan, you wuss.

  8. Also, #5, you just made said person a star by bitching and moaning about them WHEN THEY HAVE NOT EVEN POSTED ON THIS THREAD. #6 You really did not help the cause…shall we inscribe this in the sidewalk now or later?

  9. @Hawkbit, I’m waiting for Mis-whoever to “own” them (but not really) by covering the reasons she/he/it doesn’t have with long sentences and big words!

  10. @Mario, Definitely an it. Or as MsAss would say, an it

  11. Good, for a moment I thought I’d totally zapped one of the comments. I think Crusty has a thing for her/him/it. There’s hardly a more blatant “look at me!!11!” post…

    Hopefully, MsAnne has no life on weekends

  12. What Hawkbit said .. minus the stuff about the sidewalk.

  13. Making her a “star” on the comments page of Lamebook? Lol. I can hear the cameras clicking already.

  14. Well well well, you sad fucks threw a party for me, but I was too busy having a life on the weekend to attend?
    Sucks to be you.
    I have sunburn, a hangover and 3 giant trevelly in the freezer.
    What do you have ? – bitterness, envy, and an idiot-level IQ.

  15. I have you, MsAnneThrope. <3

  16. Too busy having a life? Haha now you’re starting to be funny, MsAss. <3

  17. ^so full of hate and anger.
    sad =(

  18. I just can’t tell you how enough how much I hated this comments thread. What hawkbit said.

    What idiot taks about someone that’s not even on yet, and what greater idiot takes the time out of his day to explain to all of us (apparently stupid) people what a troll’s handle means?!

    Wallace much? Fuck you. I’m hating lamebook right now.

  19. @saffer – spot on.

    Interesting seeing vitriolic deindividuation of Ms Ann Thrope on the various comments posts. Personally, I think he/she is the funniest and insightful thing on this site (but then I ‘get’ it)

  20. Hawkbit, I wasn’t trying to “help the cause”. I happen to get quite a kick out of MsAnneThrope’s comments. As far as I’m concerned, he should stick around.

  21. ^ Well, carry on then. I was just surprised. Stick around.

  22. Oh, I am a chick, by the way. Was born one, too.

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