Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wins for Everyone!

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  1. @BucketofScuzz: I can’t think of anywhere better to discuss it than a website about lame Facebook statuses!

  2. haha the tide of opinion has slowly and inevitably shifted, as the earth has grated round on its axis, to the opinion expressed, most ‘umbly, by myself in post 19.

    i seriously thought i was alone in wishing really hard that the lotr talk would just go away.

    also, ‘fuckaroonie’, what’s one of those?

  3. @AlanDente

    Dud, if your gonna insult someone for doing a small part of their dissertation on Tolkien’s contribution to philology at least have the decency to know that Tolkien did a lot more than writing 4 books about elves n shit. What I wrote had nothing to do with my dissertation and if anything your lame for considering what is a worthy academic pursuit to be lame…
    ……Bloody Rednecks….

  4. Gandalf is Frodo.

  5. The Asian one made me giggle.

  6. Lapis Lazuli Long

    I spend entirely too much time reading these comments and not working.

  7. With you there, Lapis.
    Also, greenstrings, I think it’s awesome you did your dissertation partially on Tolkien. Sounds fascinating.

  8. I call ytterbium!

  9. I’m actually starting to both understand and enjoy yoink’s comments.

  10. ahhh princess bride, what a good movie

  11. “Stop rhyming, I mean it!”
    “Anybody want a peanut?”

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