Friday, September 14, 2012

Wins for the Weekend Part 1

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  1. Do you think soda cans are alive?
    If so, you may be suffering from being a fucking moron.

  2. ^No.

  3. I have a picture of the kool aid jug crying and slashing his wrists.
    Just assume I uploaded it here.

  4. How many people are clued up and into their politics?
    How many overweight people are there into their onion rings?

    This isn’t a question of an onion ring being more popular than a politician, it’s a question of how many fat people there are who would rather click a “like” button than actually get off their fat fucking back sides and protest something that they disagree with.

  5. ^nah man. it’s 2012. protesting will just get you a face full of police horse.
    if you want to get shit fixed, you need to click buttons.
    aavaz[dot]org, change[dot]org <- are great places to start.

  6. Fuck a button. I’d still rather stand with a sign and scream at the cunts who are turning our countries to shit.

  7. Wow crusty you sound like you we beside me in the 60’s

  8. they’re not listening, crusty.

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