Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Wankerland



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  1. Lol… Thats cool!

  2. I went to Italy not long ago with a friend, and by observing the graffiti in the area we learned that it doesn’t matter where you are, a penis is always funny.

  3. That’s probably the best penis ice sculpture I have ever seen…
    Now that’s art.

    And, I have never seen 8+ men so happy to be sitting on a big dick.

    Also, I wonder how long it took them to decide on building these and what the first reaction was when someone thought of this extravagant idea.

  4. I think SWMBM would really enjoy this one.

  5. Yeah, with all the anger she has to fuck out, instead of sleeping around she can get enough dick with these….

  6. Frosty the Snowdick.

  7. Cocks.

  8. I guess if they wanted to make matching vaginas they would need several shovels…

  9. Seeing those pictures makes me pity SWMBM, with her unique little arm she could never enjoy playing with the snow like that 🙁

  10. its bound to happen. The penis is the most vandalized symbol of all time.

  11. HAHAHA

  12. GrammaticalErrors

    @ Wilson, I have to agree.

    In our apartment the owner has been “trendy” and put big blank white canvases on the walls. I’m too affraid to have parties as I am pretty sure someone will draw a dick and balls on them!

  13. like

  14. lol @ #6

  15. snowballs, therefore why not snowdicks?

  16. How did they manage to get their dick to stand up like that in the freezing cold? If the temp is below -1 mine usually retreats into my knackers.

  17. @ Imamofo

    Possibly the best comment ever…

  18. The temptation to knock it over is overwhelming. Perhaps I’m just an 8 yr old boy…

  19. I live in Minnesota, and when our one roommate gets back from winter break, we have a special treat planned for him. We’re already designing a large snow penis to go right on top of his car.

  20. Why doesn’t anybody make snow-vag monsters?

    It would be hilarious AND fun.

  21. Snow-vag is a collapsing hazard for small children.

  22. I laught

  23. I made one.. In elementary.

    I hope they were drunk..

  24. lol, the universal language of laughter

    Genitalia and farts.

  25. IT”S A ROCKETSHIP!!!!!

  26. I want to fucking punch it so bad.

  27. Christ on a cracker

    Hōnen Matsuri!!!

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