Monday, June 1, 2009




Actual Dialogue preceding this photo:

Krista: Ok girl, you just need to stand there and act really shocked, I’m going to stand over here and make a gun with my hands!
Ada: Oh Krista, you crazy! This is almost as funny as the time you asked those Indian people in Starbucks if they were terrorists.
Krista: Haha oh yea!  …. That reminds me, we should totally get a frappacinno after this.
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  1. Nothing is sacred with the new youth.

    I hope they both get pancreatic cancer and die before they turn 30.

  2. Sad things is…I’m just thinking about how I’d much I would like to violate the girl with the gun!!!

  3. wish i’d been there…woulda smacked that bitch across the face…

  4. what stupid fucking yankee cunts

  5. too soon?

  6. Christian from sweden


    Sweet comment, I was thinking the same thing.

  7. this is almost as stupid as the movie independence day

  8. what the hell is wrong with you two?

  9. hahahahahhahahaha! i find this humerous

  10. You find it humorous or humerus?

    Humorous = funny
    Humerus = “funny bone”

    If it’s the latter I suggest you take it to the police, someone may well be missing it (probably a dead body).

  11. She can’t aim very well. She’s not even pointing her hand gun the right way. Looks like she’s going to shoot her mate… what a travesty :p

  12. @ AMZ

    “Hell if you think this is funny, then you think taking the piss outta Jewish people for the Holocaust is funny.”

    Yes , yes i do – now get in the shower you oxygen bandit.

  13. Assassin or not, I’d tap that.

  14. wow. this is in poor taste…

  15. You know, when I looked at the photo, I didn’t even see the girl with the gun.

    But it looks like JFK is staring at the other girl’s breasts.

    Just like he would’ve done in real life.

  16. Not that this is even kind of cute…But I feel like if this had been done ‘ironically’, it would have been ‘hilarious’.

    Way to push those double standards, Lamebook.

  17. i think i know this Ada chick, from what i can see around the blurred part, i’m pretty sure it’s her
    my opinion of the Ada i do know was never very high to begin with, and shockingly, just dropped significantly

    i’m 50/50 on this picture, i can see where they thought the joke would be funny… on the other hand, their pure ignorance is what disgusts me

  18. Who’s that sensitive now days? And if u look she’s not even really pointin at JFK.

  19. A whole lotta sand up peoples vaginas on this one

    Its just 2 slappers playing with a photo and its kinda funny

  20. Stupid Lamebook Comments

    While I don’t see why people are getting uptight about this I also don’t see what’s funny about it.

  21. jeez guys if you don’t think it’s funny stay the hell off of lamebook. i’m with Claire. just remember that no one realy cares what you think. take the stick out of your ass and calm down.

  22. I didn’t laugh but geesh I’m not calling them whores. A little insensitive maybe. The comments made me laugh more

  23. What’s lamer than this dialogue up above is that so many are so inclined to blame it on a group (Americans) as opposed to the individuals (lamers – every country’s got ’em). And if this were an “American phenomenon”, there wouldn’t be just as many Americans (if not more) calling idiots out. And nothing is as lame as bigotry.

  24. yes, its funny. Moving on.

  25. Ha! “Stop staring at my friend’s tits, or Connally gets it!”

  26. Connally? I haven’t read every comment here, but I’m sincerely hoping it’s some sort of joke from before…
    Otherwise, I’m pretty sure it’s Kennedy.

  27. I don’t find this funny at all…

  28. Just joined after reading about 340 pages of this stuff. Am I really the only one who noticed she isnt aiming at JFK at all? If she is trying to recreate the event, shes head-shotting the wrong guy. I think that guy got shot thought too didnt he? Bullet went through his chest/abdomen and hit JFK also? Ehh not important, just thought its odd no one else pointed out she has the wrong target.

    And also, some things are ok to joke about, but I think that most people have a problem with jokes about national tragedies. I dont mind it, my great great grandparents were killed in the holocaust and my great grandparents escaped here to the US before their hometown was overrun. Its horrible yes, but I still joke about it with everyone I know, not the Holocaust itself, but Jew jokes like “Whats the difference between a Jew and a pizza? A pizza dosent scream when you put it in the oven.” type of things. A vast majority of people will be offended by jokes about things that affected/killed hundreds/thousands/millions of people, but hell we are here on Lamebook, shouldnt we expect this type of stuff?

  29. Stupid dumb bitch, I mean if it was any other president, I wouldn’t be so offended, but JFK?! Seriously? He was the greatest president in the history of the USA.

  30. Lol WordPress

    What if she’d been standing where her friend was and the president was Abe Lincoln?

  31. youwinyoulosewtfbbq

    Next week: Lesbian sex on Mckinnley’s grave!

  32. Putting the right or wrongness of this pic aside; I think this is the same type of woman that would take a pic of herself leaning on the leaning tower of Pisa.
    I’m guessing she isn’t the first to do such a shot..yes the irony is intended.

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