Friday, July 23, 2010


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  1. I knew I wasn’t alone.

    Kafka could never be wrong.

  2. _isglory, I feel you’ve lost me. Horses do it for you too? Or is this about literature?

  3. ee, I like the sound of jukawso’s Clydesdale horse.

    Fair enough, I can’t be right all the time, _isglory. A girl has to have some flaws. It’s what makes us fun and all.

  4. word, you temp me too much with that one.

  5. ee, we should really go visit a stud farm some day.

  6. hear, here! I’m so game!

  7. That’s fucking awesome. Wangwork lmao

  8. Charlie Incognito

    I hate to look a gift horse in the “wangwork” but isn’t that horses dick kind of puny?
    I thought their junk hung way larger than that. But then again I don’t really look at too many horses dicks. I swear.

  9. @GrammarPuss her birthday is the fourth of july which is why her mom had them put a “firework” on the cake!

  10. @thandos – Actually, judgement has always been the most common spelling in the UK and, I assume, countries like Canada or Australia where they don’t tend to use American spellings. Although there are cases of ‘judgment’ here and there in the past when spelling was a bit more fluid, nowadays ‘judgment’ is considered incorrect in the UK.

  11. Well, not ‘incorrect’ as such, in the same way as ‘color’ would be considered incorrect. But ‘judgment’ is definitely considered an Americanism, (a bit like using ize instead of ise, acceptable but not advisable) and is hardly ever seen. You would never see it in a British newspaper, for example.

  12. Judgement, in the civilised world, is the proper spelling unless you’re talking about a court case, in which case it’s judgment.

  13. Yeah!, I might have been drunk, but I knew I wasn’t nuts. And as much as I’d love to see Australia become a Republic, all I can say right now is God save the Queen’s English.

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