Tuesday, March 5, 2013


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  1. That poor kid hasnt got a chance with that thing as a mom.

  2. Dawn of the Dan

    I’m guessing she thinks it’s five days.
    What a dumb slut. Poor kid, indeed.

  3. I’m curious as to how many days this idiot thinks are in a week?

  4. Have we figured out a way to abort the parent?

  5. May be its 7 th day. May be she is stupid. May be I don’t give a shat.

  6. YAY!!!!! This is awesome!!!! Now myself and all my prodigy are above average intelligence!!!!

  7. Pretty sad that a pregnant woman doesn’t have anyone to take her photo for her.

  8. Her fatty tits make her look like a snowman.

  9. Actually wouldn’t that be 5 months?

  10. Can we now explore the argument that we should have to apply for a licence to breed?

  11. sleptwithghosts

    Her stupidity does mean there’s a chance she’s confusing being fat with being pregnant.

  12. So apparently we can’t take away a humans rights to breed. But we CAN take away their children if they are abusive/drunks/addicts etc etc.

    So why the fuck should she be able to keep her child if she is going to raise said child to be a fucking moron.

    The child will be:
    a) bullied for not knowing how many fucking days there are in a fucking week
    b) most likely malnourished, reared, and yes reared because they will have the intelligence of a fuckin farm animal, on cardboard and c) a drain on society.

    There are a kazillion fucking GOOD people who can’t have children and a damn site more BAD people who can have children. It’s not fucking rocket science.

  13. @Friendzone FAIL. How do u divide 30 or 31 by 7 and get 4? Unless of course, you’re a mayan.

  14. @lost-dog um… 20 weeks is 5 months… 4 weeks per month. he wasn’t dividing by days… loser.

    eat some more crystal meth and maybe you’ll be as smart as my green shit that i pooped out about 10 minutes ago.

  15. She won’t be having a boy or girl, she’ll be having a *baby*, according to her frame of mind.

  16. ciremelf, too much meth dumbo: check your calendar. Five months is always more than 21 weeks. There are more than 4 weeks in every month apart from February (outside a leap year).

  17. This is why I come to lamebook. For complex, intellectual debate.

  18. Friendzone, after a little thought, I think weeks are used rather than months because they’re a more uniform measure of time. Because, while, a week is generally accepted as a period of seven days, and a month can be either 30, 31, or 28/29 in February.

    Now, the given amount of time that the critter stays in there is never exact, but typically assumed, as I’ve heard, to be anywhere from 36 to 42 weeks, but then again, since It’s not an exact science, most of us are more willing to go along with the standard 9 month theory. The only people I’ve ever heard talking about it in weeks is the mother or the doctor. Personally, I think it’s just silly. It’s like counting down from 10 for the space shuttle, but not accurately pausing between seconds, thus, throwing off your time. Either way, that’s puppy is gonna blow!

  19. I’m not sure what scares me more, ciremelf’s comment or the fact that it got 15 thumbs-ups. Fucking retards.

  20. Good lord. We can all agree there are 7 days in a week, right?

  21. @Lost-Dog: Are you scared because you just got showed up as a fucking retard who can’t do basic maths?

  22. When using month to describe pregnancy it is always considered 28 days or 4, weeks. Just another weird way to measure things.

  23. Good to know, buddy. I never did understand all the nonsense regarding the measurement of time time involved in birthing a child. I even find it strange that some people feel the need to say their baby is 18 months old. Why can’t they just say it’s a year and a half old instead, it makes more sense to me that way. Oh well, people are silly anyways.

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