Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Dog!

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  1. Poor dogs.

  2. Dawn of the Dan

    *with horrible Japanese accent* RUN! WE MUST FLEE THE CITY!! IT IS BONNILIZA!!

  3. Of course, “Bunnyzilla” neglects to mention that GG and Yeruz are married to each other.

  4. GG and Yeruz Dumazapost are only four and a half in dog years.

  5. 4 and a half in human years, 30 in dog years.

  6. Yeruz Dumazapost bwahahaha. Rightbrain you’re on a roll today

  7. Thank you, Sheba. Hey Professor Beatus, that was awfully fucking logical of you. Are you okay? Please respond because then we’ll have three beatus heads in a row. Last post we had two beatus heads and a cherry. So close.

  8. I wonder if they’re Wiccan.

  9. So instead she should post a status saying “I’m so disappointed in my aging son for getting a married woman pregnant. Fuck you GG & Yeruz! i hate you!”
    Yeah, that would be much more logical.

  10. ElizabethBerkelydid

    It would be really strange if my little boy got a married woman pregnant. he is four and has Down’s Syndrome. This makes me sad sometimes.

  11. Fake.

  12. ^fake

  13. I’m posting just to fuck up this spin. Insert another quarter into your sd card slot and try again rightbrain! 😀

  14. Damn. Thats sucks.

  15. Elizabeth, I think it is weird that you are sad that your son who is four and has Down’s Syndrome cannot get a married woman pregnant. Hopefully he’ll get plenty of opportunities later.

  16. I wonder just how much – and how physically – and if there are pictures – bonnizila loves her dogs?

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