Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Treacy’s Hotel

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  1. Apparently education is not that important in europe lol

  2. annoying_person

    And neither is using capitals in yours.

  3. I wonder what Gardiai is… But actually is that like the police?

  4. This stag was fake. Nobody would marry Celina.

  5. Gardai are the Police for Ireland.

  6. @3 See that machine on which you just typed that question? Look down. There you go. You can use it to find out anything. Seriously. It’s fucking magical. Now I’m wondering if you’re stupid or lazy. Ahh, let’s see…my machine says you’re both!

  7. Someone should tell Celina that a lot is a lot of words. Silly girl

  8. Trollahole, America doesn’t want you. Please go.
    Doris, please stop enabling Letter4 or he’ll never get to 5.

  9. God, Oireland must be shit place to live. Living in fear of beer, stag parties, illiterates like Celina, and leprachauns must be extremely hard. Kudos to the hotel that had enough balls to surpass their fears of the latter and make an example of such blokes.. I couldnt imagine what it must have been like, dealing with such scums that linger in Oireland. They may have been through hell, but at least they made extra money in it all. Cheers!

  10. Mr. Felthan, I imagine ever since you were a child you’ve always wanted to write so badly. Congratulations sir, you do.

  11. Well now I know they’re Irish, I went back and read Celina’s comment with an Irish accent and realised that she’s not uneducated or a lazy typer, she’s just writing phonetically.

  12. @rightbrain great critique.

  13. Chances are Celina and her partner are knackers, that would explain everything.

  14. This Charming Man

    Knacker? Cakegirl, are you Irish? Don’t hear many nonIrish using that word.

  15. I’m actually English, but I’ve lived in Ireland for years now.

  16. England smells like fish and chips.

  17. ^ And you smell of mothballs and shame.

  18. @11 Typing phonetically is lazy.

  19. ^not when done for literary effect, as it obviously is here.

  20. This Charming Man

    I see, unusual to hear someone use knacker on a site like this!

  21. ElizabethBerkelydid

    One time I went to Kerry, Ireland with a boyfriend. We later broke up because his father was 70 years old and had gotten very drunk on whiskey and had also taken some Special K. While I was sleeping his father came in and tried to feel on my breasts.

  22. Elizabeth, I’d like you to meet up with Hank. You two have a lot in common it seems.

  23. @21
    You broke up because you’re now dating his father?

  24. Its horribly obvious that they must be from Dublin!

  25. ElizabethBerkelydid = Hank Felthan, just with added cunt.

  26. @21 YOLO

  27. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    lol Ireland.

    Seriously, though; hotels are supposed to be discrete.

  28. ^well yes, but a business must also protect/ defend its reputation. And Celina’s the one who made it public.

  29. @25: I agree.

    Oh, I see, knacker basically means chav. Man, I’m going to be a fucking hit in Ireland/England when I go there!

  30. the fucking hotel ‘had no choice’ after giving celina only 7 hours to contact them? burn the fucking place to the ground, celina. burn it all.

  31. ^ Fuck that. They shouldn’t have waited a single second. Name and shame. Especially seeing how the dumb bitch can’t string a single fucking sentence together.

  32. yeah. but the thing is crusty, I’d say that life is going to continually fuck poor celina right in the arse for most of her life – because she is really fucking stupid and so, by the sound of things is her partner.
    the most entertaining thing to be done here is is for celina to get herself some sweet, sweet revenge. fuck, I think she owes it to the tax-paying public.

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