Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You Live, You Burn

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  1. So, I’m confused. Is Heladio the illegal immigrant husband, or has she thrown another guy (?) into the picture?

  2. i was assuming that heladio was the tranny boffer, but who knows. do you think magan is just a typo or is that a valid name. furthermore if it is valid is it pronounced like it is spelled or like “megan”?

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    ^^Could be, I’m just wondering about that what types of trannies he likes. Southeast Asians? Caucasians?

  4. Hairy ones.

  5. Why would you even be friends with such trash. Jesus.

  6. hootie the blowfish

    I just don’t understand how Jessica can think this makes her look like anything but a total loser. I mean, assuming it’s all true (not something I would assume), then yes it does make “Magan” look pretty pathetic … but if Jessica considered Magan to be such a close friend that she got this upset about being “crossed” by her, that doesn’t exactly speak well of Jessica. And even ignoring THAT, people who air dirty laundry like this are always kind of lame. I don’t see the difference between what Jessica is doing and what she claims Magan is doing, unless she has, like, pictures of Magan’s husband sucking a dick or something.

    And why, exactly, did Jessica “bear witness” to Magan’s illegal immigrant husband banging “trannies” anyway?

  7. Jessica is one of the trannies.

  8. themanwhosoldtheworld

    I have just de-friended Jessica. another Jessica that is, but I like to surf on the safe side.

  9. If he fucks chicks with dicks, he’s not gay. If he fucks TRANSGENDERED women, he’s not gay. He’s just a cheater, or they’re in some kind of arrangement where he can sleep with prostitutes (kinda unlikely).
    “Trannies” are men who wear women’s clothes for their own pleasure. They are not generally gay, and do not sleep with men. It’s the clothes they like, not men.

  10. hootie the blowfish

    Tranny is short for transgender. It is not the same thing as a cross-dresser.

  11. I thought it could mean either a transsexual or a transvestite.

  12. Sounds like HellboundAlleee is a Trany also

  13. here we go again

  14. Trannies know what you want, and they’ll do it. They don’t give a FUCK!

  15. She bore witness to the husband fkn trannies?

    Some sort of tranny prophesy must be upon us… light save us

  16. and yet people get pissy with me when I dare to suggest that 3/4 of the world’s population should die.
    Give me one redeeming quality of anyone mentioned in that little essay.

  17. ^ Jessica has a nice body.

  18. that is a feature, not a quality.

  19. Fuck that, MsAnne. I need these bottomfeeders to collect my garbage and manufacture / package my consumables.

  20. yeah, but you always were kinder and more generous than me.
    I don’t want them anywhere near me or my stuff. They’d only fuck everything up.

  21. It’s a quality feature. Or rather, quality features.

  22. I smell a trailer park

  23. Gee Hawk, I wonder why? Take the aluminum foil off your window and look outside. You’ll either be pleasantly surprised or horribly disgusted and get stuck in a loop of wtf’s when you see the ginger with no front teeth carpet surfing the overgrown lot next door. I’ll give you some advice, probably the most valuable bit I’ll give out all night, and for you, I’ll even do it for free. Git urself a 12gauge pump and throw your screen door open and tell that lot lizard to GiT off ur LAWN or big daddy Jaques gon hold her down and git ‘er done all over her face again!

  24. A minor quibble, but it’s “garner”, not “garnish”. Unless she was holding a sprig of parsley and a lemon wedge while doing all of this.

  25. Now, why does it have to be a ginger, Jaques? My experience has been it’s usually a dirty blonde with no front teeth. And don’t argue with me, I live in south Georgia amongst the rednecks.

  26. If I could argue with you, I would, but your right. Coming from the spacecoast, down yonder, it typically is a no good dirty blonde, like my ex-wife, except when it’s a ginger. Which, I figure would be less likely to raise suspicion and end up with some do gooder signing up for a new account to accuse me of stereotyping. You know how it is ’round here, gotta be all p/c ‘n shit.

  27. @MsAnne – 2 questions
    1) When is this extensive massacre/extinction going to begin?
    2) Can I request that Quebec be the first place to be wiped out with no survivors?

  28. 1)it’s already begun in my dreams.
    2)Don’t be harsh. I like Canada. In fact, sorry fella, but Canuckville is way far down on the list of places that need deathing.

  29. I love Canada, I live there. However, I think that the majority of Quebec haters are from Canada as well. The awful food poisoning I acquired from there was the last straw for me.

  30. jesus. if an upset tummy is all it takes for you to spit the dummy and condemn an entire city to death, then I think we should talk.
    I like your moxie.

  31. Bless your heart, I didn’t mean the city. I meant the whole province.

  32. <3
    Dare to dream BIG.

  33. I mean, seriously…that would be, what? 6,000 people?

  34. This- MsAnne Thorpe #16

  35. <–Typos.

  36. Over 7 million French-Canadians will be “taken care of” and never again will they come to Ontario to drive 15km below the speed limit.
    My complaints may be minor and ridiculous, but I’ve never claimed to be reasonable.

  37. Holy bartender! If I had a nickel for every time somebody spelled MsAnneThrope with ‘Thorpe’ I’d be part of the 1% all them damned occupiers are getting all riled up about.

  38. ^Could be worse. Could be French.

  39. I want to hear more about the killing off 3/4 of the world’s population idea. I must have missed that one somehow, but it sounds particularly enticing.

  40. And, if you’re taking requests, may I suggest that all Republicans be exterminated? Consider it a public service.

  41. ^pretty sure that eliminating the war-mongers is a no-brainer.
    And because, i’m not really racist, lets do gansta rappers next.

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