Monday, August 3, 2009

Your Lame Warning


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  1. I’ve finally seen the sense behind Americans’ right to bear arms. Get to it, citizens of Tampa.

  2. huh?

  3. Getting shammered must be pretty dangerous.

  4. To the readers of Lamebook:

    Just so that you know, not all residents of Tampa are this asinine. Although, the fact that they’re from South Tampa does not surprise me.

  5. South Tampa? Does she mean she is drinking before or after her shift at one of the many local strip joints?

  6. Shmernie shminks this is schmuckin shmawesome.

  7. slut

  8. Well now the cops will know who to send to jail after a hit-and-run.

  9. What he fuck kind of name is Caraden. Is that a Toyota?

  10. You're not alone in your stupidity

    There is nothing funny about drunk driving.

  11. aw, it’s good that you pride yourself in being a lush



  13. Statistically, Tampa is considered one of the most murderous, lecherous, backwards cities in the United States of America. One can only recall the fear of our fair, blue-eyed, blonde teenagers being kidnapped by dirty, murdering molesters and the anxiety-driven drama that unfolds on national cable networks. We can hope that these women, contained in groups that may shield them from the hunters out in the savannah, remained herded together to prevent our national nightmares from being relived once again.

  14. DUI=Stupid assed white trash

    jesus can we put Chairman Mao’s comments up on lame book as well..

  15. Queefer Sutherland

    I love Lamebook secrets where the person has a unique name because it often negates the whole blurring of info. Like in this case there is only one Caraden on Facebook… I love that she made this type of status update and yet belongs to organizations called “The Bible” and “Southern Baptist”.

  16. She always brags about being the only person named Caraden.

    I hope she’s proud

  17. Fucking idiot. I’m pissed off that I deleted my Facebook because I can’t send her this page as punishment for being an asshole. Ugh, bad decisions on my part.

  18. Drunk driving? what are you guys talking about??? This is obviously a responsible woman who realizes that there wont be any men around to drive her and her friends, So as a P.S.A. for those living in and around Tampa, is putting the info out that a woman will be behind the wheel. I think this is the correct and responsible thing to do.

  19. @18 that is a funny joke

  20. Really? As if South Tampa is nothing but strip joints?
    I guess you’re totally ignoring the entire downtown area, and Ybor City…

    She’s being an irresponsible idiot, but don’t stereotype… there are plenty of responsible people in South Tampa. Just so YOU know, not all residents from South Tampa are asinine.

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