Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Few Psychos

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  1. katy, we were.

    Have a great day, gotta go and earn a living now, I get no income from my work here.

  2. There’s a party in my pants and I came early…. to set up chairs and make the punch* and stuff.

    * There is no alcohol in the punch. It is made from Hawaiian Punch, 7-up, and Orange Sherbet ice cream.

  3. I guess sherbet isn’t really ice cream. No need to correct me, I did it myself! You hear that DAD? I DID IT MYSELF!!!!

  4. of course. it wouldn’t be a party without you word. there would be an aching emptiness inside of my heart and unfulfilled desires would ravage my soul….at least until i’d ravaged you.

  5. lex, I hope I get included on that ravaging.

    mcowles, wondering where you were today.
    I’m sure your Dad will be proud of you, and your sherbet float! (btw, it acutely sounds really yummy!)

  6. ee… looks like i’m not the only one with a harem 😉

  7. Maybe slim, but you’ve had one longer! My loyalty is to you first though, that should count for something, right?

  8. it does… you know where my loyalty lay… thats why we have his and her pot tats on our asses… that way our harems know whats up

  9. Derek is an ass. There really is a guy missing, and there is absolutely no indication of foul play. He either killed himself (most likely) or hit the road…

  10. It’s less funny when you realize Derek sent the message in himself.

  11. London’s is honestly scary. He’s a mysogynist like that guy that shot all those women at LA Fitness. Someone should report that dude for uttering threats.

  12. MachineGun Monica

    Okay, Slim…where’s this application I need to fill out??

  13. MachineGun Monica

    @Cinders…that’s crazy. I just found a story on him, his name is Devon Brock Moldowan. Wonder if he’s still alive.

  14. I have had a stupid long day, and therefore am not going through all the posts, so if this has been said, I apologize in advance, but I HAVE to mention this, because it made me laugh out loud! Not only did Derek self-submit, but if you look closely (or just think about it, but there is physical proof), he went through the effort of changing the name of whom is sending the message (the top says “You”, so instead of ever saying Derek, it should always say “you”!)
    If my comment is convoluted, I’m sorry.

    Derek, you could’ve gotten a prostitute for 20 minutes and 20 bucks instead of babysitting some psycho for 8 hours, and then some. And chances are, the prostitute will do most of the kinky things that the psycho would, for a price. Dumbass.

    I don’t think I’ve ever formally introduced myself. Hi, I’m Bry =) Always a Lamebook creeper, occasional commenter, but not nearly as witty as ee, mcowles, word, sensible, or hobo (and then some!)

  15. I worked with a bloke a little like London a while ago. Usually he was all sweetness and light until he he was dumped and/or messed about by a woman, then we’d have to spend every break for about a week listening to his misogynist rants about how all women were cunts, and how what we needed was a good beating on a regular basis to remind us who was in charge, and how every word we spoke was a lie blah blah blah ad nauseam. If any of us girls tried to point out that perhaps the real problem was the kind of women he was dating, as opposed to all women in general, we were told that that was more evidence of our cuntery.
    Blokes like that make me fucking angry, while simultaneously scaring the shite out of me.

  16. i love malteaser too

    Isn’t keplie the name of a kind of a doggie?

  17. i love malteaser too

    Oh and bry, you will enjoy yourself as long as you enjoy thoughts/images of depraved sex running through your mind all day.

  18. i love malteaser too

    I know is is natural to ask, what is not there to enjoy in that, but we’ve had people here who are offended. 😀

  19. No good ever comes from naming kids after cities.

  20. Shit! How old is Derek’s post? I found the body of a guy who went missing in summer 2005 in Banff. :S

  21. I like that London expects to have the 3 last women on the planet all to himself.

  22. lol

  23. Lamebook self-submitters are lame.

  24. female species?

  25. Thank god the first post had the decency to have that convo in PRIVATE. Don’t see much of that these days 😛

  26. I don’t know how private it is…it is MY brother who is missing, and people quite easily tracked me down to tell me that this garbage was being posted on the internet…

  27. Lessy, if you don’t like it, then ask to have it removed.

  28. …………..the last one was insane….
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  29. look derek you are a dumbass larrissa is my sister and get the fuckin spelling right she is not on drugs or has ever been put in ponoka yes her boyfriend did go missing there are alot of people out there whom are very concerned about devons whereabouts and to say trash like this about someone who cared and did everything to help is garbadge get the fuckin facts straight you dumbass and yes i will be reporting this to lame book and to facebook

  30. It’s turning out that the comments are funnier than the posts, especially this one. Hope Derek learned his lesson about avoiding crazy chicks.

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