Friday, June 11, 2010

A Few FTWs

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  1. Retarded people are always so spoiled and act like they can do and say anything and will get away with it because their parents don’t discipline them. They can be you know!

    What’s with all the talk about dogs and snakes and mice? That bored with this batch?

  2. I would have came when you called ee, but I was a little attached at the time.
    Soup, I would love to endorse said play mentioned above once I win the lotto. The tard orgy can be arranged at the penthouse afterwards.

  3. krasivaya_devushka

    I watched the game too, and I was hoping England would win, but it didn’t happen.

    Are the British mad at the goalie for making the mistake that he did today? 0.o

  4. hobo, if you’re cynical about football, there really must be nothing left.

    why don’t you go and watch a movie classic like snakes on a plane? that’ll cheer you up – and remind you that perfection IS possible.

    and @krasivaya – no we’re not mad – just a weary sense of resignation. 🙁

  5. eh, these are half funny. I half enjoyed the comments too, good for you guys having convos, cute dog Soup, my condolences.

  6. I was just re-reading my comment and I wrote “I just got married…but I’m always up for a drink.” I meant that to mean I’ve been busy lately, not that I’m up for an affair. I don’t know if anyone took it that way, but just thought I’d clarify.

  7. Krazy Eyez Killa

    BritishHobo, I watched it and I do hate Rob Green. Mrs Killa didn’t understand all the fuss I was making, I managed to avoid doing a Bateman when we got home though, just.

  8. @106. thanks for clarification. First lol on this page for me 🙂

  9. YorkshirebornNBread

    @british hobo
    re: world cup..USA v England…

    Nuff said. end of chat. bugger.

  10. It seems the post are much better when your drunk. Why did I stay sober today?

  11. No Lamebook posts on the weekend makes Benningtons something something.

  12. go crazy?

  13. Haydn is obviously inexperienced in this. everyone knows that if you’re doing stuff illegal, you don’t put the money in a bank account. they trace that shit.

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