Friday, January 22, 2010

A Few Quick Ones

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  1. Gage brings a whole new meaning to laundering money…

  2. I didn’t think any of these were particularly funny.

  3. Maybe the point is that they’re all lame.

  4. i wonder if grisel is a straight girl or a gay guy, and i thought the last two were kind of funny i suppose

  5. The first one gave a smile, the rest were meh.

  6. If Hollie understood what she said, then I would be friends with her.

  7. I think I can figure out what Dalton and Gage were doing in the shower, but could someone tell WHAT the heck they were doing that involved needing the JCPenny card?? Slide card here?

  8. hahaha, random. nice!

  9. Am I missing something here…? These are too lame even for Lamebook. I see nothing funny about the 2nd one in particular.

  10. mittens has obviously never been poked

  11. for fuck’s sake.

    1. chick thought dude was a chick.
    2. replace poke with fuck… kinda funny
    3. dogs are better than women
    4. bitch got did on the carpet
    5. austin doesn’t watch porn
    6. jc penny card in the shower. random. funny.

  12. Yeah yeah I get it, poke can mean fuck. Teeheehee. Sorry, I don’t see why that’s worth posting on here. After a second reading I will admit the rest are sort of amusing. It just seems that Lamebook hasn’t had a REALLY good entry in a while. It’s a shame. Oh well….

  13. 🙂

  14. It’s funny when you see that she got poked by her cousin.

  15. @ mittens I’ve submitted several good ones and keep checking to see but they have yet to put them up?!? sigh maybe?

  16. I wonder who’s carpet Hollie nearly ate?

  17. hahaha.. oh Hollie.. so innocent!

  18. LOL “eat carpet”… thats just brilliant. The others were blah.

  19. anyone else think Hollie’s is staged? nope? oh well. still lame.

  20. Darren FTW

  21. Poor dogs…

  22. come on guys… it’s pretty obvious that Austin is attempting to use reverse psychology to HIDE the fact that he wanks to interweb porn.

  23. Good, good. And yes I mean vagina.

  24. My comment is awaiting moderation for linking to another LB post where the original LB post is of a doctored FB post that they edited before posting….hmm….

  25. What?! Who still has a JC Penny credit card?!

  26. Dalton and Gage were doing coke.
    Why else would you need a credit card in the bathroom?

  27. Username_login I thoroughly enjoyed that comment

  28. Grisel. What kind of stupid name is Grisel.

  29. Amandah? Really?

    …And that’s about all I got from this.

  30. the ultimate pork pie

    ’20.mistaphill’ i second that 🙂

  31. Darren rules! Ha ha! (And I’m a wife, myself.)

  32. It’s alright Grisel, we’ve all been there.

  33. Grisel sounds kinda like Gretel, probably German :p

  34. lol….

  35. Go Hollie! xD i’d Love to see her eat that carpet!

  36. Seriously, how can anyone find none of these funny?

    And Darren reminds me of WT Duck.

  37. Eileyn and Fran, so did Eileyn and her husband have sex at her work or is it an innocent FB poke, then if it was sex, is she wondering if her husband screwed Fran? Then, did Fran have sex with her ‘poke crazy cousin’? If so, those Appalacians know how to get down. Probably just innocent poking, but could make for a good soap opera.

  38. WOOO! Austin and Graham! Go Unitarians!!! 😉

  39. Poke your cousin, munch that carpet, and cut a line with the JC Penny card. Good night out

  40. “dogs are better than women lol!!!” nobody has social issues here or anything.

  41. awwwww austin – so heartwarming to know there are still some innocent people in this world (he’s gonna get soooooooo burned!)

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