Monday, July 29, 2013

A Fine Formula

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  1. Whiskey-dude knows life very well.

  2. “Hard fucking” gets extra credit.

  3. Betty P. Phipps

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  4. That is neither a truth nor an “amazing mathematics theory”

  5. If you think assigning the integer n to the nth letter of the alphabet is an “amazing mathematics theory,” please refrain from reproducing.

  6. Well, I think he just showed Einstein who’s boss.

  7. Let’s see…if E = mc^2 then 5 = 13*(3^2)

    So 5 = 117?? What the hell was Einstein even talking about??

  8. would have been more impressive retort if it wasn’t g hours later

  9. #8 Good point! I’m going to imagine those seven hours were spent trying out possible candidates: “‘Beer?'” “Nope. What about ‘jagerbombs?'” “Nope.”

  10. So does BULLSHIT, beatus.

  11. Genius. Give the blue colored out guy a medal.

  12. ^ Or a Bell’s.

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