Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Higher Power

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  1. wow stupid lame

  2. A ben

  3. Kev has way too much time on his hands to come up with that one.

  4. Bleh.

  5. Meh …. though I have just learnt what a canoli is. now where can I get one!

  6. I had my first canoli in NY last year….

    Safe to say I jizzed in my pants.

  7. Leave the gun. Bring the cannoli

  8. I say guns AND canoli. Now that’s a party!

  9. Miss She, a party indeed – I know a guy who knows a guy that can set that up.

  10. I salute you pedanticoldgit.

    If severed horse heads were a sign of appreciation I’d cut one for you right now.

  11. Thanks Greenstrings. At least someone appreciates great cinema.

  12. I know it was you Pedant. You broke my heart.

  13. I believe in Lamebook, Lamebook has been good to me

  14. That’s because you have no life outside of it.

  15. Oh you wound me. Cut me to the veritable quick.
    It’s all going dark…
    I can hear the Loons

  16. Hide behind your sarcasm you lonely fucka.

  17. okay sorry im being an asshole, disregard the last comment
    if i could delete it i would
    bye!! <3

  18. Hey I just thought of something awesome, It was…was.. darn it I forgot what it was. 🙁

    I will most probs remember it again in a dream then wake up and knock myself out in my excitement and hurriedness and end up with memory loss again. 🙁

    p.s…I just sounded the failed troll alert! Quick where is my muffin bat to attack trolls with?

  19. Good work, git. And, I watched that just last night. Spooky.

    Kev, you dick. Shittest. Prayer. Ever.

  20. Just to give further credence to my user-name, I am pretty sure MEG/Kelly/Fruitloop has surfaced again.

  21. @Para – were they all the same person? I’m new here.

    I liked Kev’s prayer. It was nice. I like Dr Hawkings, he does rule quite a lot, much more than God.

  22. Yep all the same person, ’tis a darkly tale containing bigotry and nuttiness in equal measures.

  23. Ooooh, can you tell it me on Hallowe’en please? I’l’ bring sweeties and pot.

  24. If by sweeties, you mean copious amounts of alcohol, we have ourselves a deal. Some porn would be good also (furry or non-furry, you decide).

  25. I meant either some ecstacy tablets or some Haribo, depending on what I found easier to get my hands on. I’ll bring you some Rohypnol GHB beers. And why bring porn when you can make it?

  26. *Cleaning gimp suit*

  27. Ohhhh…I’m so clever and witty, and I keep up with the latest in astrophysics to prove how clever I am. Except Hawking be thy name, not Hawkins, douchebag.

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