Monday, September 22, 2014

A Night In

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  1. I bet the look on her face was amazing, b/c this didn’t happen.

    What really happened is you pulled up to the cashier in your Safeway scooter and purchased adult diapers and Tucks. And she said under her breath “Youz nasty”

    And you wheeled yourself out in shame.

  2. That’s a surefire way to look like a fucking creep.

  3. But what are you going to use the grapes for? You nasty nasty tattooed freak.

  4. “If I was going home to masturbate, I’d be buying dog biscuits, Toilet Duck and cling film, you flabby, underachieving, nosily gossipy cunt you.”

  5. “Oh… and is this Toilet Duck buy one get one free?”

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