Friday, May 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Pizzas


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  1. U got a small pizza! I had a normal pizza! RAWR

  2. a pedophile actaully means you like children under 13.
    god you ppl are morons

  3. who are these guys ?

    i would love to know them ! and join the fight. i wonder how this panned out ?

  4. This is just long enough to be too annoying to bother reading all the way.

  5. […] Still hungry for more pizza posts? Click here. […]

  6. […] Still hungry for more pizza posts? Click here. […]

  7. I’m worried whenever he become a cop, with that anger management issue people will be in danger! Probably Jason likes Jen an he is so mad with Mike because of that.
    HAHA And of course he was looking pics of John Cena “half naked” cause he is a WRESTLER! they are always half naked! Jason u are retarded, probably your mom dropped u when u were a baby!!
    @s-man delivery pizza guy: don’t smoke that while u comment.
    @Mark Adams: u are so right! hahahaha!
    @Editor Chieftess: I loved your comment! HAHAHAHA I realized that too right away!

  8. What the hell happened here? And where did the pedophile thing come from? Sheeesh!

  9. You people are morons, Jason is in the right here. I would be pissed too if some cocker sucker was going through my stuff and using my possessions without my permission. And then his friend, the girl friends boyfriend has the nerf to try to step to him over it? Fuck that, if I where that girls boyfriend she would be getting slapped and better learn some damn respect.

  10. Cock* nerve*

  11. I love that these two morons keep repeating that they are Christians.

    Just kills me.

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