Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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  1. ClimbThatSymphonyHome


  2. Gene pool needs some bleach.

  3. This isn’t funny. Come on Lamebook

  4. not finding the LOLZ here…am I missing something? Meathead vs. Drama Girl? I’ve seen better…

  5. This is just stupid.

  6. “i’d rather date a hot guy with abs then a over-muscular asshole.”

    Ugh, what the fuck.

  7. I’m going to go ahead and tell myself this is fake. There. Faith in humanity = restored.

  8. @Bulldog: agreed.

  9. Funny how she says “body isn’t everything,” and then says she’d rather date a “hot guy.”

  10. And why does she keep spelling “over it” as one word?

    Ugh, I quit.

  11. Wow. I never knew the drama that existed between third graders.

    And gawd, you pathetic fuckers who are actually whining about postings on Lamebook undoubtedly give this site its name.

  12. The only thing funny or lame here is the name Zelion.

  13. I’m constantly surprised how a seemingly unique name like Zerion actually has multiple hits on Facebook.

  14. @Desolation – I tried to make that name better in my head… I am calling him “zee lion”.

    It helped a little.

  15. I don’t know why Kyle wasted his breath trying to insult Aldene. She clearly does a much better job of it.

    Mean while, I’ll just amuse myself with Zerion. ZEE-RYE-ON. ZI-REE-ON. ZEE-REEAN. No matter how you say it, it still sounds like some sort of cream for a fungal infection.

  16. The fact he said “by the time I’m 20” bites into his stupidness. Age guess 15?

  17. 9.

  18. krasivaya_devushka

    I’m bored at work and need something amusing to read for the remaining time I have here!

  19. @sabretooth….the lameness, I assume is in Adlene’s final statement. She certainly isn’t at all superficial.

  20. Christ on a cracker

    Teenagers should be eliminated from existence.

  21. I hope all three die in a fire.

  22. So apparently, according to Aldene, being “hot with abs” is a personality trait now.

  23. Meh…

  24. I’ll take the over-muscular asshole, all the better to grip me with.

  25. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    oh what a sad, sad world we live in.

  26. Aldene needs to learn the private message option for fuck sakes. I hate reading that kind of bullshit. I’ve deleted friends off my list when they do that shit.
    And WTF is a Zyzz? Is that a person’s name? Why isn’t he on there threatening Kyle’s life and shit too? Would’ve added more to the drama.

  27. sensible- good to know that looks are now a personality trait huh? now i can say “oh he’s got a nice personality” and everyone will know it really means he’s hot not ugly.

    my age guess for these morons is 15. that gives kyle 5 years to get a Zyzz body. whatever the hell that means.

  28. All three of them are fucknuts. Who ever said they should die in a fire called it right!

  29. @kal, so you have deleted friends for this shit, then you come to lamebook to read this shit? sounds like you have taken the long way around.
    This Zyzz dude sounds awesome though, rockin body and a name to match!

  30. Okay, Zyzz? Seriously? What the fuck!

  31. wtf is Zyzz? is that a person?

  32. Grammar Police

    Zyzz = Zerion, the other guy who posted.

    I guess he was trying to be clever and say zzzz because Zerion puts him to sleep? Fuck if I know.

  33. Zyzz is a fucking body builder you fags…

    if you didn’t already know that, fucking google instead of looking like a dumbass

  34. Zyzz is a body builder…. c’mon guys!!

  35. Zyzz is a guy who posts on the forums and is the self-proclaimed king of the /fit/ board on 4chan. He’s known for his aesthetics and his trolling.

  36. I am totally in love with all of you. Word, Slim, DC, Brit, Sensible…..just to name a few. I want to bear all of your offspring- and if that is not possible, I want to practice naked offspring making with you…..
    Hero worship aside, I skimmed this and totally thought that this was between 2 retarded 20 year olds trying to act out an Edward/Bella/Jacob moment. I don’t know what makes me sadder- that thought or if they were actually living their own horrible, little lives. Blurgh.

  37. Paranoid Android

    Aldene, Kyle and Zerion. Somebody’s parents fucked up with the name lottery.

    I need beer. Plenty. Now.

  38. Paranoid Android

    Dill with it!

  39. lol

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