Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ace Is Wild

Ace Is Wild

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  1. I like how Yvonne saw it and defended herself . Now this movie turned into a play…. It’s still good tho

  2. yvonne is defending herself in the third person. purplejesus loves that.

  3. This post and the fact Yvonne has replied to these comments — is FUCKING awesome.

  4. I think the two people “liked” what she said because she blatantly told him he was being creepy.

  5. that girl sure loves to be stalked! Hello? There is a “block this person” button on facebook!

  6. But she loves the attentions, look at that blur she’s one hot piece of ass, and he’s a little dweeb

  7. 1. How can you talk to someone several times rarely?
    2. If you’ve posted your number somewhere on FB, it’s not ‘mad personal’.
    3. What number 55 said.

  8. What the hell? I posted my phone number in a Facebook group, but it OBVIOUSLY wasn’t meant for you?

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