Thursday, January 16, 2014

Agreat Writter

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  1. Feels like the very fiiiiiiiirst time…… they must be from Alabama.

  2. If you can’t write for shit, it’s your fault if you get raped.

  3. Or Canada. The rampant inbreeding up there obviously took a toll on Stvr. I insist on using the abbreviation of his name. Tired of him wasting the letter e. It’s a perfectly good letter. He’s a cunt for abusing it.

  4. If you keep studying at weird pseudo-studies, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  5. ^ did you spawn another moron StupidGerman?
    Or ya logging in twice like fucktard Stepheeeeeeeen?

  6. The Beast Among Us

    Wait, so is Agreat Writter somehow related to John?

    Oh, wait, that was John Ritter. Sorry. My mistake.

  7. Sweetatas, Steever is a rare breed of Canadian. Like Bieber, or Rob Ford.

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  9. necrophiliac64258

    With a bit of meth, some cocaine and a few mushrooms I bet I would find her book amazing.

  10. PeePee, I guess it’s your sister, who created “BIGDOG”.

    She can’t have me in her all the time, so apparantly she tries to be like me.

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  14. Since there’re no new posts on this holiday day some people don’t have to work, I will make my public apology here. Canada seems nice. I will probably appreciate the outdoorsy stuff, etc. When I have time to visit. To date, I have liked every Canadian I’ve met in person. I do not appreciate America bashing, though, and have responded in kind to the likes of Stvr. Only. He’s giving Canada a bad name via lamebook. Good bless Canada, fuck off Stvr.

  15. P.S. flying spaghetti monsters are awesome.

  16. The Beast Among Us

    ^ I have Canadian friends and family, and they all bash the U.S. any chance they get. I see it as jealousy, even though they refuse to admit it. Heck, they come down here to shop all the time, but how many Americans do you see crossing the border to go buy Canadian stuff? Now, to go cruise around Victoria, or road trip across the central provinces is another story altogether, but we definitely get our fair share of Canadian tourists visiting our many sites, as well.

  17. Southpark almost got it right. they forgot to specifically blame Stvr though.

  18. Aaaaaand …. Shakespeare does somersaults in his grave!

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