Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ask the Sexpert

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  1. If they only publish the ‘best’ questions, what possibly could be worse than this?

  2. I cut off 8 inches and I’m still twice as long as Mobydkman!!!

  3. ^ you did not

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  5. If anyone were to know about mobydman penis, it wold be Mr. Peepeehead

  6. ^^or your mom. She’s familiar.

  7. Steever says he knows how big I am.

    How do we know you are gay?


  8. What does interest in lopping off your penis have to do with sex?
    And Steeever, 8 inches is a long-ass clitoris.

  9. Please Stvr, do it. I wanna see evidence that you can not procreate. I will sleep better knowing that there will be no more morons with your crippled dna.

  10. If you cut your penis off it’s your fault if you can’t rape.

  11. If you keep saying things are “epic”, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  12. Stvr cut off the eight inches of the donkey dick that was in his ass, and now he calls it HIS penis. It all started when he visited Tijuana and became a street performer for a limited time before getting lost in drugs, prostitution, and donkey shows (in reverse order). Don’t ask. The sorry has spiraled downward to his all time lows of truck stop hooking, lamebook fucking, and living off his mom’s social security.

  13. ^ I saw the video. It was disgusting, but you couldn’t see Stepheeeeeeen ‘s face as it focuses on his buttocks. Titled Dartboard Boy IV, the editing was crap as the background music. Shot in HD

  14. I don’t always go on Lamebook, but when I do, It’s for the wholesome comments.

  15. The Beast Among Us

    ^ You liar.

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  17. Macho Miner Randy Chestrug

    The Lego Movie starts Feb. 14th rated PG.

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  19. legos are sick

  20. BorderlineDane

    the sexpert..coming soon……… you, on you,everywhere actually

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