Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ain’t So Jolly…

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  1. I bet those reindeer would rather pull a sleigh with Jack the Pumpkin King in it.

  2. Why isn’t Rudolph’s nose red?

  3. Let’s consider the weight of the presents being carried. If we estimate just 1 lb per family, then just for America, we get something like 87m lbs. Santa then contributes, at 700 lbs, a fraction of less than .000009 to the weight.
    The fat guy’s not your problem, Rudolph.

  4. You ACTUALLY worked that out? You miserable fucker

  5. You’re a cunt crusty. Like, a real cunt, that ruins people’s lives.

  6. fuck you metzger, the status update portion was pretty funny, then you go and add a shitty pic of Santa saying “heads will roll”…


  7. Yes crusty, he worked out guessing that America has 87 million families. Sorry Einstein had to ruin your day.

  8. rudolph’s nose has been photoshopped… i call fake!

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