Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Air It Out



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  1. @europe_rocks:
    You’re a girl?

  2. lol @ 51!!

    (i’m a boy)

  3. “Kathy” is obviously begging for it.

  4. how on earth do i send in my own shit ! lol

  5. @SeeBea:
    Yeah, just checked. I am. A very hungover girl actually.

  6. Who gives a shit what sex you are?

  7. beautifuldisasterxo

    hahaha… lets sit there and fight on facebook instead of discussing things in real life… some people really need a life and to come back to reality

  8. @pink broccoli lmaao, I totally agree.

  9. Greg and Ashley are a freekin laugh riot! I am sure they will live unhappily ever after. Can’t wait til they graduate from airing all their stupid relationship laundry on Facebook to appearances on COPS highlighting their endless domestic squabbles in and around their very own doublewide trailer home.

  10. posty mcposterson

    I agree that these convo’s should be held in private but it is so entertaining when they aren’t.

    @29 Pink Broccoli- I laughed until I cried…seriously. Thanks.

  11. These two can’t possibly contribute anything useful to society. I say they get sealed in concrete and dumped in the Atlantic.

  12. i like how everyone carries on “tandrom”… and is kathy supposed to be hannah’s mom? lol weird. i have decided my significant other’s parents are never allowed to facebook me.

  13. Lost without her? Methinks she dropped him off in the woods and took his GPS. I hope she took his clothes too. I would.

  14. LMFAO @Pink broccoli FTW

  15. in the name of all that’s holy… these morons should really learn to spell before they air all their dirty laundry for the world to read. really? — 2 ls… you are = you’re… not your their? possessive… they’re = they are, there? as in over “she’s over there…” eesh! take some grammar lessons people. we were taught this in grade school.

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