Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wear It Out




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  1. Same with my dog.

  2. big up for at least trying to get random head in church, Steve!

  3. Ha..a belt with mistletoe lol. And Jay shouldnt be bragging about that in his status…

  4. LOL at the last one…

  5. i think its the funniest thing in the world when people do what Jay’s friends did

  6. the mistletoe idea’s AMAZING, but FAIL for not having them haha

  7. Wait, why the hell does a guy have a belly button ring? Did he try this trick out at the Gay Jewbilee from a couple posts back?

  8. mistletoe belt buckles and belly rings = brilliant

  9. Never thought I’d be saying this, but same with my mom. She returned it though.

  10. Love the belt buckle mistletoe idea — Steven and Luke need to use a lot more booze on women for that to work.

  11. Same with my mom – who shat on it.

  12. mistletoe – yay. you watch Craig Ferguson. Go you. so original.

  13. i want a snuggie.

  14. I wish I had invented the snuggie D-:

  15. LOL @ yayme.

  16. A guy with a belly button ring? Is it just me or is that wrong?

  17. My dog too… I feel bad for him.

  18. I think dog snuggies are cute.

  19. People who buy snuggies for their dogs should be put to sleep.

  20. lol and this is why i love lamebook 🙂

  21. am i the only person who doesn’t know what a ‘snuggie’ is?

  22. hellbent: um, yes? that’s sad unless you don’t watch tv, go shopping, or don’t have friends who link you to that cult of snuggie video on youtube.

    it’s a blanket with sleeves.. no big deal, they didn’t invent it lol they just advertised it like hell.

  23. mistletoe buckle is acceptable, but mistletoe belly ring(yeah, on a guy?)?

  24. Shampoo, you forgot to add to hellbent that the snuggie also looks like mass suicide garb for cults!!

  25. This is fake

  26. mom my with same.

  27. I can’t believe the priest turned Steve down.

  28. My mom’s new Snuggie is blue. The leopard print just seemed way too sassy, not to mention it would clash with the blue dog snuggie I got as a white elephant gift during the office gift exchange.

    And belly button rings on guys is just wrong. Seriously wrong.

  29. Drew, Chase and Spencer FTW!

    Jay has some awesome friends! 😀

  30. I don’t think ANY man, no matter HOW gay OR straight – should have a belly ring. He needs to be put down, and buried in Jays (‘s??) snuggie. Goddammit, let’s pray he never breeds.

    BTW – I have noticed that DaysWithDave is copying Zombie Kid – just instead of saying I love Turtles, he says: “This is fake.”

    What a douchebag.

  31. Mistletoe? Dude needs a new hobby – preferably something like If he’s after the girls, he needs to start flashing some money about, and expensive gifts are a good way to do that. Not looking like some kind of moron!

  32. @above.
    no..but if i could, i would.

  33. Someone should tell Luke that “Not Going Out” used his line…

    Steve’s ring’s going to look so good with a gut.

  34. What both of them fail to mention is the fact that the lack of mistletoe belt buckle/belly ring success is not attributable to not getting head, but to some PDA couple taking it as an invitation to make out under the shelter of Steve and Luke’s respective groins.

  35. I am picturing Jay, Drew, Chase and Spencers mothers all sitting around snug in their new snuggies, sipping coffee and quitling, lol.

  36. yaya, why would they be quilting? They have Snuggies.

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