Thursday, October 1, 2009




Lamester Review:

When I was in high school we didn’t have social networking sites like Facebook.  And every day I thank God for that because if I had had access to everyone’s personal shit and a public profile of my own while those hormones were surging through my body, it wouldn’t have been pretty.  So no, I wasn’t on Facebook in high school, but I WAS aware enough to know what was considered “cool” and “not cool.”  Here are a few examples.

Getting caught spray painting your girlfriend’s name on the side of the school:  Cool.  Getting caught with a backpack full of inhalers and acne cream:  Not Cool.

Rigging your locker to immediately open when you smash your fist into it like the Fonz:  Cool.  Accidentally shitting your pants while holding your head back to dump the remaining Cheetos crumbs out of the bag and into your mouth:  Not Cool.

Letting a girl sit shotgun during one of your drag races and having a sign at the finish line that asks the girl to homecoming:  Cool.  Arranging digital crops (wtf?) from some lame-ass online video game and taking a screen shot of it to ask a girl to homecoming:  Not cool.

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  1. wait. maybe i do know who you are ACTUALLY..

  2. Mon coeur est rempli de colère et de frustration.

  3. im sorry that your heart is filled with anger and frustration..idk what you want me to do about it? you sit here and talk shit and you wont even tell me who you are.

  4. Ive no balls but im brave and my name is Helene.
    The only thing i think you can do is to apologize to me. Take your balls with you this time and find me on skype.
    I hate you because I believe in you and i think you are just so wrong.

  5. Helene? lol i think you have the wrong brett. I dont know nor ever heard of you before in my life. hahaha

  6. Is it funny?

  7. i need more than that.
    i need to talk with you.

  8. 🙂 Brett

  9. Why do you hide on facebook now?

  10. Come on, your future family and me are waiting for you. 🙂

  11. is there a chance of “happy ending” like a nice private talk and then maybe a friendship relationship? I just want it to be clear and i will be really thankful if you can tell me what you think of me without being angry or despitful…You know that i will respect your feelings whatever you tell me. You can email me i prefer if you remember because its hard on this website. thank you.

  12. you say all of this bad stuff about me, then wanna be friends!? lol i really would. but i do not know who you are lady. i dont know your real name. i dont know you. i dont know your email address. i honestly think you have problems and i suggest that you get help from this fantasy world your living in, like honestly, thats my opinion.

  13. why do you say “i really would” if you think im crazy? why dont you say “seriously i dont want to talk to you, leave me alone”? and why do you come back here then? i dont like talking on the internet, i dont like waiting for an answer especially for this kind of conversation. yes you dont know me, you have no idea of what ive been through. and im being helped already and thats a little because of that story too. and i think you have a problem too with your ego. Now i really wish this to finish in either way because i have other things to do in my life that are important for me and that i need to achieve with a serene mind.

  14. the future Beanstalker will suck less cock.

  15. Lol, what the fuck is this?

  16. same shizzz, different peanut gallery. moving on…

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