Monday, September 27, 2010

Airing It Out

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  1. All I ask is this remain a razor-free-zone.

    Have a good evening, everyone.

  2. Razor?

  3. Meg, I’m glad you see what we saw. Self awareness is an admirable quality. Going forward I’ll try comment by what you say in the present, and not the old meg 🙂

  4. Jesus Fuck! When did Lamebook become a haven for the damaged? Maybe some people were pissed off, but I certainly wasn’t one of them. But good on you for apologizing, it’s a positive step towards…redemption? I don’t know. I would suggest making jokes about your vagina. That’s something we can all get behind.

    Saffer, I do tutor, but I don’t know if you’d be willing to pay my prices. Not only the cost, but the toll on mind and body makes the blood diamond trade look like a petting zoo.

  5. Soup, I’m sure we can work out a way I could pay for your services

  6. holy hell!

    is anyone else thinking of meg from family guy?

    whenever i see christians on here, i just think, fuck off and leave us alone. it’s a fair trade off – let us enjoy this life without your whiny moral intrusion – and we promise to keep quiet while we’re burning for eternity and not disturb your game of lawn tennis with karen carpenter in heaven.

    also i missed the thumbnails… wank.

  7. I once fucked twenty seven girls in the same night!! They were all freshly deceased but that still counts right?!

    no i’m only pulling your legs that would be sick, it was ten girls and only four of them were dead.

    On a separate and unrelated issue, I do not need to follow Rondells’ FB law as i have no friends on my FB account, so they are unable to see ‘my dirt’….My wall is as empty as my ballsack.

  8. Amen (or not) to that alord.

    The thumbnails wank was short but sweet.

    Imamofo – Good work fella on putting your stiffy in a stiff.

  9. @Alord – They all waited for us to leave before getting their fun bags out, this is the story of my life and for my eighth tug of the morning i will have to wank off to the implied cleavage rather than an actual cleavage 🙁

    @Paranoid – Thanks matey, but they were not stiff, they were still fresh so still quite ‘poseable’.

  10. A joke about my vagina? I haven’t the slightest idea where to begin on that.

  11. @muepsilongamma – let me give you a little helping hand and a nudge in the right direction with a few of these handy fanny joke hints:

    – Laugh at the size of your beef box by commenting “My dick sleeve is so big that they filmed a scene from Friends series 6 in there”

    – Chortle at the odours wafting up from your groin area by telling us all “Fuck me my Cunt smells like a seven week dead donkey, buried in hippo shit!”

    – Giggle along with us as you regale us with an interesting Pussy fact, “It’s been so long since my Clunge was serviced it’s developed rust spots and I creak when i walk!” (this will encourage others to offer to oil your fadge for you)

    I hope these tips’ help you in overcoming your initial reticence about talking to us about your hole.

  12. I’m trying to decide if you’re being serious or not…

  13. oh god. Imamofo you can’t make me laugh like that at work. well done.

  14. Wondering if anyone else instinctively read Amber’s post like a cave man.

  15. I was about to ask someone to explain Miranda’s post to me but it makes sense now. Still retarded, though.

  16. I like how Therry said that he wants to throw her under the bus & Miranda’s ex took it as literally meaning throwing Miranda under a bus.

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