Thursday, May 2, 2013

All Dressed Up…

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  1. Can a moronic rant be both gay and homophobic at the same time?

    You got your homo in my phobic! No, you got your phobic in my homo!

  2. beatusmongous

    So Tyler catches the poor spelling, but says nothing about the dudes that pump Jeremy up.

  3. I wonder if Jeremy has a roster that shows who will suck who’s dick on which day?

  4. I bet dudes pump up Elsior… and then he takes out his sexual frustration out on lamebook commenting sections.

  5. Sorry, I meant anger.

  6. Hans and Frans shop at Walmart? I bet they were in the sports equipment corner doing some research.

  7. Jeremy should suck a fat dick and swallow a load. How about Tyler, he sounds like a fucking faggot always dressing up. Stuffing his cock up Tyler’s tight anus and licking his ballsack on the counter might cheer the customers up. Fat americans.

  8. Oh Elsior just stop! Every update from Lamebook and you come in here posting your bullshit. Nobody find you funny, nobody thinks your crappy Lamebook alias is amusing or entertaining. How does it feel to be a troll? The worst kind of troll? You just look like a horny 13 year old whose school has blocked all the porn sites. You’re quite simply, pathetic.

  9. ^troll posts tend to at least promote discussion. Elsior’s more like a spambot.

  10. If you’re going to feed the trolls at least let it be vegetables

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