Thursday, May 2, 2013

No Words…

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  1. VelvetCyberpunk

    Fake as hell.

  2. Please say this is fake 🙁

  3. Damn those unreasonably strict laws that don’t consider consensual sex as rape..

  4. 27 people have no souls.

  5. Giving legitimate rape a bad name.

  6. Fucking whore. One minute she loves taking dick in every hole, the next she’s running to the cops. They should put the handcuffs on her, shove the key up her asshole, then truncheon her pussy. You have the right to remain silent … with a dick in your throat.

  7. Sometimes “no sex before marriage” doesn’t seem like a bad idea when you know people like this exist.

  8. I really hope this is fake. This sort of thing gives real victims who legitimately suffered zero credibility when they *do* decide to talk about it. I don’t find this funny in the slightest. Incredibly bad taste.

  9. Perfect example of the “boy” who cried “wolf”. Now when she does get raped no ones going to believe her, because she’s just going to be another poor girl who cried “rape”.

  10. I really hope this stupid bitch does go to the police and tell them this story. Then she can be arrested for filing a false report. And if there is any justice in this world she will get shanked in the cunt as she showers.

  11. beatusmongous

    So, he has to promise to marry you in order to have sex with him, but you’ll give it up without commitment to someone else without regard to your current relationshit? Nice.

    Yeah, I think the cops will just laugh this one off, especially since you already posted the truth on Facebook.

  12. ^ To be fair, she may have just planned on marrying several different people. I’m sure the random guy at the bar promised to marry her too.

  13. Please tell me this shit is fake. I usually love 99% of the stuff on this site, but this post does not deserve the users who posted to status to have privacy.

    This truly warrants for us to know their name so the police can see this firsthand before it ruins a man’s life. Simple.

  14. Fake.


  15. She’ll end up married multiple times in jail.

  16. It’s not rape, it’s surprised sex

  17. It’s not rape, if they’re dead allready.

  18. andthehorseyourodeinon

    Never mind, I misread it as that he cheated on her and then broke it off. Yeah, she has no legal standing for this. And is an awful excuse for a person.

  19. Are you guys serious right now? Some idiot is being an idiot and so you are going to wish that she gets ‘shanked in the cunt’? Really? You hope she gets ‘a key shoved up her ass and a dick in her throat’? Those are both rape with a foreign object besides being completely fucking disgusting, even as a joke. You two are complete assholes, and I generally judge those who react in an equally stupid way to an idiot as even stupider and more pathetic than the first idiot. Way to stop the chain.

  20. Why s’ srs swabby? Dis b’ d’ internet mate. Dar be na rum fer ser’us bi’ness h’aer ‘n dees port! Grab one d’em dar glass’e n’ join us fer som’ incoher’nt babblin’ n’ joyous fuck’ry!

  21. Eh? Ye all nay’sayin’ landlubbers b’ t’ good fer t’ rum ‘er ay? I see ‘ow it is. Well if ‘ats ‘ow ye feel, back t’ the derelict lil’ shanty wit’ ye den! I’ll b’ keepin’ all t’ booty fer me self. Moor treasue fer t’ crew ‘nd I when we find it!

  22. All this time, I thought T2000 had a super fast AI brain that analyzed every post’s probability for being real or fake. His “hopefully” is comparable to the time I found out sex doesn’t happen like the porns Elsior watches! I go find a corner now.

  23. This bitch is a scumbag.

  24. Bet her boyfriend was Molag Bal, he’s into that sort of stuff

  25. Statutorylove

    This is 100% rape. That son-of-a-bitch roofied her. He roofied her with hope. He roofied her with false promises. He deserved to spend the rest of his life in prison polishing the shower floor with his face while experiencing first hand what this poor girl had to go through.

    Also, I personally, will TOTALLY marry her. I promise.

  26. There’s nothing there that screams rape, aside from that whining horrible excuse for a woman.

    The VERBAL agreement, I believe, was that if she had sex with him, he would get married to her. There’s is nothing in that statement that indicates WHEN he’s to be held to that contract and make good on it. Was there ever a contract to begin with? Was it even a legal contract? Was it verbal, or written? Were there witnesses? Will we ever find out who she cheated with?…wait, SHE cheated on HIM. Wouldn’t that in itself void the agreement?

    Lesson learned, get that shit in writing, and don’t expect any reasonable guy to stay interested enough in you to stay in a relationship after letting another man dip his chicken strip in your sweet n’ sour sauce, let alone get married.

    Then again, I’m a pirate, not a lawyer…soo, I would have just tossed both of them overboard for fucking with the peaceful vibe on my ship, and killing my buzz.

  27. beatusmongous

    ^ Isn’t it bad luck to have women on your ship in the first place?

  28. Ahhh, in accordance with archaic law, I believe it is. However, I think I’ve done a little write up…video maybe, regarding this at some point in the past. I’m not all that concerned with ancient belief myself, anyway. Frankly, I’d prefer women on board, much easier on the eyes than say, the anchorman, Olaf….his sister on the other hand, she’s quite the looker. In fact, I believe most of my crew consists of women lately. It makes the men less susceptible to them evil sirens that chewed my knob off in the first place.

  29. It’s bad that the woman posted up that she wanted to make a false statement of rape to get her ex arrested.
    It’s worse that another woman is giving her tips to make it seem like it was real.
    Just wondering how many men are in prison for alleged rape cases that are actually innocent from consented sex.

  30. I’m not going to be original and just say WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ ???????????

  31. Real talk you guys-this is an obvious fake post. This was made by a pathetic dude who is probably also into victim blaming.

    Please people do not feed into his fake post

  32. necrophiliac64258

    And this is what happens when they make domestic violence illegal and give women rights.

  33. Hey, buddy, domestic violence applies to men too! Ask me how I know….It took me damn near a week bond out…can’t believe that bastard called the police either…ran out the door screaming like a little schoolgirl!

  34. *to

  35. sugartitsmcgee

    Way off the original topic here but: its been proven that in domestic relationships that become physically violent, it is most likely the woman to throw the first punch. The more you know…

  36. Oh it’s ok Sugartits, I think it’s fair to said this thread is over, and fairly ripe for a good hi-jacking. When I was arrested for domestic battery, it was because I got in a one sided fight with my brother, that he started btw, the police even sided with me, and on the ride up the road said he didn’t want to arrest me, but the evidence was there and too many officers were involved. Something similar happened in the past with a couple of Sheriff’s Deputies and all they said to us was no to make them have to come back out again. I agree though, as far as women instigating physical confrontations. My ex-wife was notorious for trying to hit me whenever we got in an agruement, and while I NEVER hit her, I did get good a blocking that shit, and eventually she tired and gave up on her little temper tantrums. The makeup sex was great though…so…ya know, there was always that…

  37. ^ Capn, you made up having sex. Ha ha!

  38. Uh oH! You busted me!
    …Playing pretend is the BESESTEST!

  39. What the fuck did I just read? Ugh, what a stupid little girl! It’s sad when the faith I had in my gender is completely destroyed by a stupid whore and a grown ass womans online post. I really hope that they both get what’s coming to them.

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