Monday, May 30, 2011

An Astute Status

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  1. #3 made me ‘lol’.

  2. Not a bad group. 1,3 & 4 made me chuckle!


  4. 3 Was from TFLN…

  5. TFLN?

  6. #3 – What if the chicks and gay guy don’t like him? That will make it a 0% chance he’ll get laid and a 100% chance he won’t enjoy himself.

  7. @ade79 Rohypnol.

  8. Aha! Lol

  9. So #3 is super funny, but it was already on TFLN, which is Texts From Last Night, a while back.

  10. 6 – it’s like this question, you’re in bed with a beautiful girl to your right and a gay guy to your left, who do you turn your back to?
    Like it’s obvious that either of them will want to have sex with you. You ugly knob.

  11. I don’t agree with you #6….if he doesn’t get laid, there’s always his hand

  12. CommentsAtLarge

    75%… guess Kundai thinks one of the chicks is ugly.

  13. pandainspandex

    Just because it was on TFLN doesn’t mean it’s not funny. It’s lame that he copied it, but at least it’s not old like the whole “my friend changed all my contacts to Harry Potter and Star Wars characters” thing.

  14. Stolen or not, still funny 😀

  15. I thought it was ‘Once you go black, you come running right back?’ Or ‘Once you go black, your baby’s on crack?’ Or ‘Once you go black, you’ll get bruised from a smack?’

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