Monday, May 30, 2011

Share and Scare

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  1. dustin, bitch is

  2. Hmm, I don’t get enough posts relating to hirsute vaginas on my FB news feed.

  3. its kinda gay when they send them in themselves…

  4. Vaginas do not have hair. Learn2anatomy.

  5. Tut. Hirsute labia majora then, if you’re going to be pedantic about it!

  6. Damn impressive, Kellie.

  7. I have an aversion to people like Chyna who endanger the lives of others on the plane because they can’t go a few hours without using their phone. Doesn’t she ever listen to the in flight announcements?

  8. There is absolutely no way ever in a million years that using a mobile phone in the passenger compartment of a commercial jet would in any way affect the flight of the plane, let alone “endanger the lives of others” due to a variety of factors which I will not list now (but I can if you want): that’s coming directly to me from a chartered/private hire jet pilot who was my instructor on a flying course at the RAF.
    (Sorry for the run on sentence, Todd)

  9. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    All you need is 2 mobile phones to bring serious harm or danger to any commercial or military jet;

    Shove an old fridge size mobile phone up the captain’s man hole, sideways, and repeat the procedure on the co-pilot. Once they’ve died from rectal bleeding, it is just a matter of waiting till the fuel runs out.

    I bet your instructor at the RAF didn’t mention that.


  11. *in the passenger compartment* i could take down a plane with a paperback book if they let me in the pilot’s cabin. (The method is pretty similar to the one you descrbed, actually.)

  12. I concur with Piper, as a trained mathematician and physicist. The airplane electronics are shielded, so there’s no way that the tiny EM signal from a phone could possibly affect them. Not that it would have an effect anyway. I mean, try using your computer and phone next to one another. No problem!
    The mythbusters came to the same conclusion after doing a bunch of experiments, but (probably for legal reasons) they denied that their results were meaningful.

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