Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Andrew-1, Kristie H-0


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  1. Andrew isn’t exactly a professional writer himself. There is a pretty glaring comma splice as well as a general overuse of commas.

  2. I think he needed to break it into small pieces so K.H. would be able to read it. This cracked me up.

  3. They are also very popular and PENG? WTF DOES PENG MEAN.

  4. I think Kirstie doesn’t get the joke.

  5. ‘Peng’ is short for ‘Penglish’ omg DUH!

  6. No shit Matt.

  7. I want to be peng. Why am I not peng?

  8. P – I don’t think you get the joke.

  9. P are you really Kirstie?

  10. This is so peng.

  11. Calibeachballsurfdude98

    Yo Dave son why you hatin’ on a homie?
    Andrew iz a strait up G thang and Kristie H….Well shit that hoe gots to get some dictionarys or some shit cuz im bout to bust a cap watchin that hoe spelll

  12. I think this is to highlight the spelling of the word ‘initials’, not comma use.

  13. Peng is London slang for sexually attractive.

    “This is so peng” FTW

  15. I second that! This is so fucking Peng hahaha.

  16. aaaahh…..NEXT!!!!!!

  17. I wanna hump Andrew’s leg.

  18. Thumbs up to Andrew!

  19. Ha, calibeachballsurfdude98…you sound just as uneducated as that chick. Maybe you both can read dictionarIES together.

  20. The comma use was correct.

  21. calibeachballsurfdude98

    Yo sun dont be tellin nobodie how best to be speling ya hurd.
    I run this jointt.

  22. Hahah Andrew is awesome.

  23. Yeah, Andrew = totally my hero.

  24. “Peng is London slang for sexually attractive.”

    No it isn’t. I’ve lived in London for 15 years and I’ve never heard that word in my life!

  25. Are you joking me Helz I’ve lived in London for exactly 15 years as well and ‘peng’ is standard slang!

  26. You’re an idiot.

  27. Joss – 1, Helz – 0… couldn’t give a shit about Kirstie or Andrew…

  28. yeah my friend was talking about a girl having “peng tits” and i didn’t know what the hell he was on about, he says it’s london slang too…stupid word

  29. Wrong name in the title.

    Funniest thing so far.

  30. What I dont get, is that on a lot of these posts, people write other peopls last name. Like Andrew did to kirstie. Is it just me, or does anyone else do that? Like why cant he just say, kirstie?

  31. I dont think peng is london slang…ping? maybe pengs a F*ck up. Hunter andrew was making a sarcastic point back to kirstie

  32. Peng IS london slang. If you don’t know, then don’t comment.

  33. Peng is UK slang meaning attractive.. or even ‘dro’

  34. I’ve lived in London for 11 years and never heard ‘peng’ used, ever! Maybe confusing it with ‘nang’?

  35. The person is Kirstie not Kristie. Though they are both spelt horrendously anyway. Can you change the title so it won’t make people with the latter look even more stupid when they are searched for?

  36. Ouch, Kirstie hun.

  37. and people, why so worried about peng anyways, its gonna squirm its way into the vocab one way or another soon.

  38. Oh, Andrew.

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