Monday, July 5, 2010

Today’s Relationships

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  1. Lamebook fails for not censoring Marisa’s name.

  2. Chinchillazilla

    Steven is possibly the greatest troll ever.

    Also, Marisa’s name isn’t blurred everywhere.

  3. Steven’s a douche, ‘the whole shebang’? Really?, idiotic job on not censoring Marisa’s name, I’ll ask again, you really want another one-armed girl?, that last one is a little creepy and kinda makes me sad, a little… and this one paragraph is filled with fucking infuriating poorly used grammar but screw it, if yoink can spell words however he wants, I can use grammar however I want.

    What was my original point?

  4. British HOMO, You take that back right now!

  5. Oh Lamebook, you suck even more for editing out the end of his status.

  6. I agree.

  7. I hope for Steven’s sake that he’s posting that on his daughter’s or sister’s wall just to be a silly ass (because then it’s like, “Hey sis, can you get married a week early so I can have fun? which is actually a little bit funny). If it’s his fiancee’s wall, he’s epically lame.

  8. iamnothere i fink it is abowt his weddin cus he put can we move the weddin an he calld her babe but if u go on ramencaflics link ul see he put kiddin after

  9. if it was in fact a window, she could simply opened it…

  10. although if it was a window behind a wall, like she said, wouldn’t make any difference…

  11. krasivaya_devushka

    Well that link changes everything, doesn’t it?

  12. I wonder what she means by whole shebang…

  13. Douchetastic the Forned Rose

    I just wonder if a shabang is different than a shebang. Oh, and yeah, Lamebook sucks for editing the first one.

  14. I applaud Lamebook for censoring out the last part of Steven’s status. It makes it better than Failbook’s version. And Failbook doesn’t even look as appealing as Lamebook.

  15. Perhaps if Marisa’s hoodlum boyfriend had led a more chaste and virtuous life, they could be together without a glass wall in between them.

    On second thought, they’d probably be engaged in sinful premarital sexual intercourse….chances are though that it wouldn’t last 30 minutes.

    See kids? This is what happens when you don’t study your bible and go to evening mass. You end up talking to your promiscuous girlfriend through a glass wall.

  16. That’s what happens?

  17. Douchetastic the Forned Rose

    But editing it gives a false impression on what the person did. It may make for better “lameness” but it’s manipulating it, which isn’t the point of the site. I can edit out almost any status update on my News Feed and make it “lame.”

    Failbook is nearly impossible to read though, their images are really blurry.

  18. Even if Steven isn’t joking he’s not that much of a douche. We postponed our wedding by a week when we realised that our original date clashed with the Test Match at The Oval (Well it was The Ashes after all, some things are still sacred dammit!)

  19. How much did they pay you to say that, lamefame?

    The whole point of Lamebook is that it’s funny because it’s SUPPOSED to be real. If it’s fake or edited with important information left out, it’s not funny.

    I enjoy Failbook, because they actually listen to the commenters and interact. And if something is obviously fake or a quote they took to be real, they’ll come out and admit they fucked up. They just let a lot more content go through, but they also don’t edit.

  20. Douchetastic the Forned Rose

    chiiro put it much better than I did. Except I don’t enjoy Failbook.

  21. Dan you ignorant twat, just because you don’t go to bible group doesn’t mean you’ll actually be caught and convicted.

    P.S. I have forgiven you for betraying my trust but I will never feel the same way about you again.

  22. The first one could have been submitted to lamebook before the next part was added to it. It’s unlikely but possible. Or it could have Bern edited before submitted to lamebook.

    I’ll give lamebook the benefit of the doubt.

  23. Bern…..aaaaahahahaga

  24. Sorry, laughing at the iPhone autocorrect. it wasn’t like some dumb pun and then laughing at my own retarded joke…

  25. After seeing dan_fargis comment i had to double check that i hadn’t stumbled onto a christian pride chatroom. But luckily it was lamebook. People go to lamebook for lame, lewd entertainment. I think you and your comments are in the wrong place bro

  26. Dan_Fargis… can stop.We get it. You think you are cool bc you can make fun of the Christian religion…..this is the internet. We like jokes about tits, asses, homos, and how much you suck dick. So you are wasting your time.

  27. Ah, a safe haven!

    Forgive my ignorance/blindness, but I can’t see where Marisa’s name is not blotted out. I assume we’re talking only second or surname here?

    *continues scrutinizing aforementioned post*

    Can someone please point it out to me? I’m going crazy here!

  28. I am happy that no one used foul words against Yoink today…
    He is a nice kid and was not always like that. In 2002, while running out to get a ‘dicksickle”, he was hit by an fuckatoon Ice cream truck and since then has been a dyslexic kid.
    His 6th Mumma and I raised him with lots of love and pampering with very rare occasional spanking.

  29. dan_fargis is back! 😀 I still love you, man.

  30. yoinks father u talk shit u wish u was cool enuff to be my dad u dickcheese

  31. Young man, this is no way to talk to your father…

  32. BTW, I am happy to notice that you have started spelling lot of words right. Looks like those English grammar lessons are paying off.

  33. But were you able to show him your tits, Marisa?

  34. Oh, and dan_fargis, what’s the go, buddy? As far I’m concerned it’s game over. You showed your hand days ago.

    I now wait for another to do the same.

    Any day now.

  35. Mmmm, dickcheese.

  36. dare2claire: They’ve blurred it out now. I guess they noticed what we said in the comments.

    word, I dunno. I still think it was somebody using dan_fargis’ name. There is a way to do that, somebody explained it on here once, I just don’t remember what it was. It was slightly complicated 😛

  37. Paranoid Android

    Any time soon yoink is gonna jump the shark and then we will all fondly reminisce. But for the moment, let us enjoy this tornado of bad grammar and inspirational put-downs.

    Stay gold yoink, stay gold.

  38. Thanks BritishHobo… Thought I was going bonkers there. Yeeps!

  39. Walter Sobchak

    Charles has an unruly one on his hands. My bitch knows she can only ask for permission to make breakfast after she’s cleaned the house. And it has to be via text message. None of this facebook messaging shortcut bullshit.

  40. Dan_Fargis

    Piss off.

  41. yeah Walter and another thing…if there’s vacuuming to be done what’s she doing jumping on facebook and asking stupid questions?…floors don’t clean themselves and, anyway, who wouldn’t want a banana pancake?
    It’s feminist lib gone mad – too much talking, not enough doing

  42. Yoink’s mother never asked question.. She would vacuum the floor, make me pancakes and then chop the woods without asking anything. She was a true fucksuckclean.

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