Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apply Palm To Face

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  1. Lisa reminds me of some of the white girls I go to school with.

    “eyyy bitchez, what’s gucci? Kuuuuuush”

  2. Does that actually say Fagermeister or is it just bad font?

  3. ^ Why yes, yes it does.

  4. nice tattoo so where do i get that at

    Shit, just typing that made me lose 10 I.Q. points…

  5. I dont get the first one..other than that dude on the right’s tat is upside down. Not really funny.

  6. The only thing left for those two dudes to do now is spoon. They’re half there already.

  7. fuck you Lauren! whenever the capn gets out, the first he does is hit the liquor store.
    why the fuck wouldn’t you? when is a better time to drink?

  8. Fag Meister… Is that German for Gay Lord?

  9. Aw, David & Marco make such a cute couple XD

  10. homosexuals! how exotic. quick, Cletus – point and stare.

  11. why the fuck did they get the same tatts on the same arms as each other but the direction of the words reversed to each other?

  12. ^ The answer to your question and why you’d ask said question are exactly the same answer, Grasshopper. It’s a conundrum (not really) wrapped in a riddle (a really easy one) sprinkled with bacon bits (to make it tasty).

  13. Cos they’re fucking morons Berk.

  14. Why are the tats reversed? It’s so when Marcos gives him a reach-around, he can be sure it’s actually someone else’s hand for a change.

  15. Is Lauren’s self submit a Lamebook record at 2 seconds?

  16. say what you really mean, oldnoob. Lauren is just a huge fucking joke of a person, isn’t she?

  17. Apparently jagermeister translates to “hunt master”… they translated “cunt” wrong.

  18. Piss off.

  19. Yep, the only thing sad and funny about that pic is the fact that you all are reading fag from it. I forget preteens read this site too.

  20. ^yeah. a pic of men cuddled up in bed together with matching tattoos really screams ‘hetero’ to me, too.

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