Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chow Yung Cat

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  1. Probably one of dem redditers.

  2. Cats are awesome.

  3. ^ Best chicken I ever ate.

  4. ‘Richmond’?
    foreign-sounding names make you people cry tears of blood, and publicly question our faith, but you’re gonna give fucking ‘Richmond’, with his shitty 300 year old ‘joke’ a pass?

  5. Parker and Richmond sound like cities in the South of USA. Oh wait, they are.

  6. fail


  7. C’mon everbody sing along!

    If you’re a weird cunt who lives with loads of cats and stinks of their piss, clap your hands clap clap.

  8. Everyone knows that dog is the main ingredient of chinese food. Richmond can suck my dick.

  9. Yum.

  10. ^Is that ‘Yum’ for dog or crusty’s dick?

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