Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick Winnin’

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  1. sometimes i want to touch it.

  2. ^ Be careful. It might touch you back.

    These were pretty funny, although the Lance Armstrong one has been done before.

  3. Yes, is lamebook finally getting the hint?

  4. ^ That would require them actually giving a shit about our comments and/or down-votes.
    Maybe their advertisers rebelled on our behalf.

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  6. You don’t have any friends viviene

  7. Viv, she’s making money as a Cam Ho in other words?

  8. Viv, I just did the math. Thats not bad.
    The other spammer cam chicky has to work 16 hour days to make that kinda dough. Your best friends mom-in-law only has to stuff shit up her booty valve for 12 hours a day.

    I can’t deny i’m interested. But you won’t convince me to give it a try until you add free medical. 12 hours a day of that shit can create plenty of nastiness in gube’s playground.

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