Wednesday, January 9, 2013


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  1. Doesn’t have girlfriend on facebook? Moral of the story: Don’t make jokes seem like real life occurrences, douche nozzle.

  2. *there

  3. Not bad!

  4. Guys are pigs and we all know it, but this made me laugh.

  5. what annoys me the most is that this dude had TWO… YES, TWO chances to spell THERE correctly and he blew it both times.

    i think that people born after 1990 should just have a sign around them saying. “Hi. I am stupid on purpose because I give zero fucks about my life and the world is going to shit anyway so who fucking cares anymore”

  6. Keep your duck feathers in your car, too.

  7. @5, YEAH!!! That and morons who don’t begin a sentence with a capital letter.

  8. @#5, wrong. My daughter was born after 1990 and she will cut somebody for improper grammar or spelling.

  9. @4 – Women cheat more than men [Google me!]

  10. If I wanted to see recycled jokes that are old as hell, I’d just visit a joke site

  11. this would be funny if it actually happened.

  12. He got it from the song, “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…”

  13. What would have happened if he left the condom and just said “FUCK YEAH!!”. Would the sister have backed out? That would make her a cock-tease in my book, and that shit runs in the family. So he should leave his cock-teasing, test-setting bitch of a gf anyway! Which means he’d have been single and could just screw the sister.

  14. Very interesting logic there dog.

  15. Thief, thats a Roy Chubby Brown joke with the story changed. at least get your own material

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