Monday, May 16, 2011

Love is in the Air

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  1. 1st again?

  2. Love=Picture of a dick.

    Okay. Check.


  4. Wow, another I love you more quarrel. Yays! And I better tell my husband to send me a picture of his dick if he loves me…. Geez!!! The first guy probably has a few Craigslist adds! But, a squirrel, really??

  5. squirrel as in soft tail 🙂

  6. I’d date Omar if I was gay. Which I’m not! Who said that?

    Presumably he’s an athletic type of guy also, being as he seems to work at some kind of facility to improve the split times of local 200 metre-running children

    Maybe he does the squirrel/wolf routine as a kind of carrot and stick thing to make them dig deep in the last 20metres.

  7. Correct me if im wrong but Omar is 33 yea?

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    If sending pictures of your dick is love, then I guess Cupid must run Chatroulette…

  9. uranus1mcangus

    That weird creepy old guy will never get any play..
    And showing your gf your deck is true love, she’ll never comment on how small it is

  10. thickasawhaleommlette

    ^ Hey, since when was 33 old? The youth of today know fuck all. As for Omar, he’s hungry like the wolf for some lady lettuce and beef curtains…… Grrrrrrr

  11. Public shows of affection = fine
    Facebook shows of affection = not fine

  12. Something tells me those kids ain’t gonna get any faster on Omar’s watch

  13. Oh I need to get me a squirale for the bedroom. Ann Summers might be able to help me out there.

  14. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^^ he calls it a “squirale or some shit” so I think you’ll find it in the anal toy section.

  15. “Text pictures”?

  16. @ Riverside – I fully disagree. You can’t really run away from awkward PDAs whereas on Facebook you can simply click the x icon on each post and select “hide all posts”…

  17. dick thats all

  18. I think Omar only thinks he works at that daycare for “slow kids,” when in fact he is a student there.

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