Friday, June 12, 2009

Attack of the Ratcoon


Below is an illustration from our good friend Will Bryant of the vicious ratcoon.

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  1. I get being upset because her car is broken now, but what is wrong with her? She said “my poor car” because she broke her own car while running over an animal, more like “my poor ratcoon”.

  2. does she honestly believe that she hit a “ratcoon”? who the crap taught her to say it like that? our educational programs are shot…

  3. Did anybody else think that the status was lame..until they saw the sketch…at which i laughed outloud at work….

  4. Ratcoons’ saliva contains the herps protovirus — caution!

  5. hahahahaha you rule will!

  6. Ratcoon just wants a hug!

  7. It is possible for a raccoon or even a “ratcoon” to mangle up the underside of your car that badly?

  8. what i don’t understand is… ‘me and erin went to the cities’ what the fuck does that mean?

  9. does anyone else find the saddest part to be the reference to “the cities”??? i imagine many missing teeth

  10. she means the twin cities (minneapolis-st. paul, MN).

  11. OMG! a new type of animal, and she hit one with her car.

  12. wtfacebook, in Washington we call Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland (our tri cities) “the cities”

  13. “Oh no… *looking at dead raccoon* that stupid ratcoon destroyed my car! MY PRECIOUS CAR!”

  14. Lol @ alex

  15. @ Will Bryant – Soooo, Ratcoonz are white? Who knew?

  16. @nik – you’re an idiot

  17. no child left behind??? had to laugh at the drawing though…laughed till it hurt

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