Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cheryl, you’re an idiot

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  1. the native americans probably came to the white men and said “you’re in america now, speak cherokee/iriquois/blackfoot” etc.

    ironically the white men did not argue.

  2. ^I almost *faceplamed at the inaccuracy. Then I realized it was actually a very good joke. Well done tellingit.

  3. No, Cheryl, it’s not a typo if you’re still getting it wrong after being corrected. But it’s not your fault you were born with a retarded brain.

  4. Am I the only one who is getting really annoyed of these fuckin your you’re posts?

  5. himalayanhindu

    Taking a dump and reading this. I dedicate this turf to Cheryl!

  6. himalayanhindu


  7. Your mom.

  8. @4 It depends… Do you have a dyslexic child as well?

  9. Dawn of the Dan

    Your absolutely right my type AB-.

  10. @8 Care to elaborate?

  11. Young Frankenstein

    @4 I’m still trying to figure out how you could get annoyed “of” these “fucking your/you’re” posts. Maybe next time you’ll get annoyed “at” them or “by” them and it will be a totally different experience, therefore easing the frustration you must feel, since you will no longer be annoyed “of” them. Problem solved.

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  13. @4 Yeah,Larry shouldn’t concentrate just on her “your”s. Why doesn’t he address her other errors as well? Run-on sentences, “target” not capitalised, “type o” etc.

  14. @10 Someone a few posts ago complained of the same thing. His lame excuse was that he had a dyslexic child. If that had been true, he’d have known how dyslexia truly manifests.

  15. He missed a comma….

  16. 4. Sick to death of it! Thought it would have past it’s expiry date by now, how long can you find correcting people’s grammar entertaining? I come here for a laugh not English exercises.

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