Monday, December 3, 2012

Avoiding Pregnancy

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  1. …and this was just a Dentist visit.

  2. Good for this lesbian girl, you know she made the difficult choice of choosing to provide the nurse with only brief direct answers to the nurse’s questions in order to keep information close to the vest and later complain about how rude the nurse was because she didn’t automatically assume this girl was a lesbian.

    Love how awful and attention crazed facebook makes kids these days. How long until 50% of suicide notes just say “my last status update received no likes… I thought I had friends in this world, but I’m all alone. Goodbye cruel world”

  3. ^ Suicide notes are now posted on Facebook instead of written in ink these days.

  4. Beatus is right. If you’re going to kill yourself, the correct medium for notifying everyone is either Facebook, or…MySpace…(for those left behind loyalists and 12 year olds) For those more savvy, perhaps, ustream (or any livestream will work, really…) may be the way to go.

  5. Why would it make the women in the waiting room uncomfortable to have a man sitting out there? Was he licking blood off of a knife and fondling himself?

  6. How does one girl fuck another?? It seems like the whole session would just be a bunch of foreplay.


  7. Also, it’s time to expand your vocabulary.

    Lezent: it’s like a present, but given from one girl to another, with romantic intentions.

  8. ^ It’s called a strap-on.

  9. They scissor.

    analrapist can you point out to me where she complains about the nurse’s rudeness? Cause I read through that post three times and I just can’t see it.

  10. Scissoring without a strap-on is tribadism, and not quite “fucking.” But I see where you’re coming from. Speaking of scissoring, let’s do that one after some cunnilingus, tribbing, and the wheelbarrow.

  11. I’ll scissor, you’ll have to frot.

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