Monday, December 3, 2012

Dream On

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  1. You dream about weird shit.

  2. A couple days ago I had a dream about the Rapture. Except, the Rapture was a small town-sized burlap sack that you could live in, and when you went in, computers were everywhere, everyone had friends list in a Steam-like interface, and you could see which of your friends were raptured.

  3. necrophiliac64258

    ^you’re fucked in the head

  4. I had a dream that you all thought I wasn’t awesome and didn’t like my comments.


  5. ^ That’s reality.

  6. I am thankful that there is an IQ limit on opening one’s mouth and that people don’t think it is ok to spout their stupid opinions just any which way… shit I was dreaming again.. btw, mouthy is not the same as intelligent…

  7. You might benefit viewing it as the glass half-full, Twisted. As a matter of a fact, it’s commonly known, at least, around these parts, that the more one opens one’s mouth, the more opportunity you have to shove your half-flaccid penis in. It’s really quite effective, when they’re not expecting it! They don’t have to be intelligent to slob your knob.

    Try applying this technique in real life next time someone won’t stop blabbering, 50% of the time it may go better than expected. Worse case scenario, you end up like me and sooner than you can yank it back out, some half-fish half-woman is chowing down on your sausage, still slurping away! It’s really quite the spectacle!

  8. Wow Capn, I had you pegged as a “the penis is half turgid” kind of guy.
    It disappoints me to learn that you see them in various states of flaccidity…

  9. Fortunately, for myself, due to my unique circumstance my club is forever standing ready. Polished, hard, and vigilant. I would, and could have never been as successful had I been satisfied parading around half-mast. It’s undignified, and simply unnacceptable for a Captain who hopes and intends on going anywhere. It’s proven to be a most valuable tool and asset during my adventures. On the downside, due to my history working for the man, I was cursed and doomed to see far more penis in all states of decay and rigor, more than I’d ever care to divulge on. My apologies, however, Bacchante, it was never my intention to disappoint. Perhaps you may be pleased to know, my reference to anothers half-flaccid meatcicle was only implying that one was not able to command attention of his piece on demand, further implying that he be less of a man, than I. Captain of The Hickory Knob, scourge of the high seas!

  10. it’s

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